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Bushido crying: Dad, now I know why the police are watching us.


“Uncensored – The Truth of Bushido”: Bushido crying – “Dad, now I know why the police are watching us”

In his Amazon documentary, rapper Bushido gives an idea of ​​what his feud with a Berlin clan leader means for his children as well. It is clearly shown that he is describing an experience with his eldest daughter.

“Uncensored – The Truth About Bushido” is the title of the six-part documentary series in which the rapper on Amazon Prime talks about his argument with clan leader Arafat Abu Shaker, while also providing insight into his family life. After his separation from his ex-boyfriend and business partner, Bushido, his wife Anna Maria Ferchichi and their children remained under police protection for years.

In the fourth part of the documentary series, the 43-year-old, whose real name is Anis Ferchichi, explains why, as they deliberately did not want to explain to their children in more detail. Bushido, whose eldest daughter Alia was born in 2012 says. “Our kids initially assumed – and still do – that the police would help everyone. The police are good and they take care of us. But they take care of everyone.”

“We have to kidnap,” Bushido’s daughter told him.

But they could not completely hide the background of police protection from the children. One day he drove to school with them. “And suddenly my daughter Aaliyah says: By the way, Dad, now I know why the police are always watching us.” He asked her, “Why then?” She replied, “Yes, they take care of us because we have to be kidnapped.” This is what the children in their school said.

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Bushido’s wife on her children: ‘They notice more than you think’

When he asked her if the kids who said they might not be “little spies,” she replied, “No, Dad, they’re not spies, they heard that on the radio.” It has a direct impact on his children as well. “They notice more than you think,” confirms his wife Anna Maria.

At one point, the rapper cries in the documentary. He describes how his daughter tore up a press report about Abu Shakir, who was long the “Uncle Arafat” of the Bushido children, said he was there when they were born, and jumped on him because he was a “bad guy.”

The documentary series began just two weeks after the birth of triplets to Bushido and his wife. He now has seven children with Anna Maria, the younger sister of Sarah Connor. In 2012 the daughter Alia was born, and a year later the twins Gabriel and Leila followed her. Issa’s son came in 2015. Anna Maria also has another son from a previous relationship with ex-footballer Pekka Lagerblomme.

A case against Abu Shakir, Bushido’s longtime business partner, has been in the Berlin Regional Court for more than a year. It is about humiliation, deprivation of liberty, attempted extortion, coercion and serious bodily harm. According to the indictment, criminal offenses should have been committed because the clan leader did not want to accept the separation from Bushido. The rapper testified against him at trial.

Rapper Polished: ‘I’ve Never Been Like Little Bushido Before’

Bushido, who himself frequently went against the law, is today purified. His focus is on his family, as he has repeatedly emphasized in interviews as well as in the documentary. “The same people who look after our children today used to search our homes,” he told the German Liberation Network (RND).

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When asked how much Bushido is left from the past, he replied, “It still exists…But believe me, I was not once as young as Bushido, but as much as Anis Ferchichi as I am today.” He added, “This whole stereotype of bad gangsta rappers, beating people up, being criminals and such and such that defined my life back then is a very small part today, buried somewhere deep inside me.”

Legal problems are still on the agenda: On Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Potsdam Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed, at the request of BUNTE.de, that Bushido is accused of being suspected of a communal fire.

According to a report by the magazine “Stern”, according to the indictment, at the end of 2013, he commissioned two accomplices to start a fire in the roof structure of his historic villa in Kleinmachenau, east of Potsdam. She said he did not have to comply with the monument protection rules to renovate the villa and could get compensation from the insurance company. A spokeswoman for the attorney general did not want to comment on details.

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