Home Top News Bundesliga debutant Ecklencomb defends Hertha BSc against Ford

Bundesliga debutant Ecklencomb defends Hertha BSc against Ford

Bundesliga debutant Ecklencomb defends Hertha BSc against Ford

Hertha BSc has reached the next three in Bandaslika. Substitutes decided the game against Ford.

Bundesliga debutant Jurgen Eckellencomb saved Hertha BSc from the next extreme mental killer with a dream introduction. The Dutch fought hard for the Berliners 2-1 (0-0) against newly promoted SpVgg Greuther Forth at the start of Day 5 and secured a place for the blue-whites in the middle of the table. After the fourth defeat of the season, Forth is down with a point.

Dutchman Eklencomb (61st) equalized in the 87th minute of the conversion, then substantially disturbed Maximilian Bauer (79th, own goal) with the first goal. Earlier, Forth took the lead through Pranimir Harcotta (57th, penalty kick).

Newcomer Eklencomb is a great footballer and I said from the beginning that we would enjoy him very much, ”said Herta coach Paul Darday at DAZN:“ This is the first part now. ”

After the release of Boch (3: 1), Hertha wanted to improve his victory over second-placed Ford. Tardoi did not expect “a miracle kick”, but believed it was a “job success” – it proved to be right. The coach also relied on his son Morton to return to the starting lineup after recovering from an ankle injury.

Hertha initially tried to play actively in front of 21,372 spectators, but the game was hard to design. A lot of headquarters went around ball distributors Kevin-Prince Bodeng and the more aggressive Suite Serdar. The initial pressure of the Forth team had an effect, and there were no playgrounds. Dortoin had problems setting up the team, initially losing balls and allowing the newly motivated team to take offensive action.

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Coach Stephen Leadlin’s team was the best team in the beginning. But Ford doesn’t have the best chances. Serdar abruptly gave himself one of these: 24-year-old Ishaq Belford, the tournament winner with two goals in Pochu, made a great debut. At the end of about 16 meters, Sardar aimed wide (16th) at the mark.

The move gave the Berliners even more impetus. Herta briefly found high passport security, new courage and often playful solutions. The injury of captain Tetrich Boyada (27th) caused a quick break in the Berlin uprising. The federal defender crushed the pitch and escalated the defensive staffing problems. Young player Linus Gechter (17) had to enter.

Forth did not hide. For the long haul of the first half the Franks operated at eye level. Hertha goalkeeper Alexander Slovov was not seriously challenged.

After changing the pages, it was changed a little at first. Hertha had no structure in the game, the standards fell apart and chaos seemed to spread. Fort had little possession with them, but were able to thank Theovicio Geoffrey for inadvertently knocking down Jeremy Dudgej in the penalty area. Harcotta did not show nudity and took the lead.

Tartai reacted by joining the new signing ekellencomb – and struck the bull’s eye. The 21-year-old, who trained at Ajax Amsterdam’s Youth Academy, breathed new life into Hertha with a title in a corner within two minutes. Herta was back in the game, pushing to the front and rewarding himself.

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