Olympia, quintet: The prosecutor is investigating Schleu and Reisner
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The attorney general is investigating Schliu and Reisner

National team coach Kim Reisner (left) and Annika Schleu have faced allegations since the Olympics National team coach Kim Reisner (left) and Annika Schleu have faced allegations since the Olympics

National team coach Kim Reisner (left) and Annika Schleu have faced allegations since the Olympics

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Annika Schleu’s controversial Olympic pentathlon trip in Tokyo has other consequences. Then the German Animal Welfare Association filed a criminal complaint against the athlete and trainer Reisner. This has consequences.

DrThe Potsdam Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Annika Schleu and national trainer Kim Raisner over cruelty to animals after a complaint from the Animal Welfare Society. “After confirming the initial suspicion, we have launched investigations against them,” the attorney general’s office, Sebastian Thiel, confirmed on Monday at her request. The investigation will be conducted due to the defendant’s place of residence in the Potsdam authority.

The German Animal Welfare Association has filed a criminal complaint against modern quintet Annika Schleu and national coach Kim Reisner after accidents at the Olympics. As announced by the organization, they accuse Schleu of cruelty to animals and Raisner of aiding and abetting cruelty to animals due to the events of the equestrian competition.

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06.08.2021, Japan, Tokyo: Modern pentathlon: Olympics, singles, women, showjumping at Tokyo Stadium.  Annika Schleu from Germany after being excluded.  Her horse refused to jump several times.  Photo: Marijan Murad / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Schleu’s horse was turned down on the course in Tokyo, and Reisner asked a tearful Berliner to use the whip with the phrase “Hit it right!”

The Animal Welfare Association is losing sight

The Animal Welfare Society criticizes Schleu’s lack of insight in subsequent interviews. In a conversation with the weekly “Die Zeit” she defended herself against the accusation that she tortured the horse she had won in a contest. “I didn’t treat the horse too cruelly. I had a crop that was pre-checked. Just like the Spurs. I’m really not aware of any kind of cruelty to animals,” said the 31-year-old.

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"I don't make equestrianism what it is - sport makes me who I am"Commentator Carsten Suestmeyer said:

The world association UIPM recently issued its verdict: it acquitted the athlete of the allegation of excessive use of the crop and spurs. The sentence for National Trainer Raisner was light: she should complete a training seminar on how to properly handle horses.

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“Hit it right!”

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