Home Top News Location at Kabul Airport: Desperate wait for a seat on the plane

Location at Kabul Airport: Desperate wait for a seat on the plane

Location at Kabul Airport: Desperate wait for a seat on the plane

Status: 08/25/2021 6:19 PM

August 31, the planned withdrawal of US soldiers approaches – and this increases tension among Afghans who want to leave the country. Because many possibilities are still bad.

Written by Peter Hornung, ARD Studio New Delhi

They don’t want to leave this place, they want to get out of their country. Thousands of people are still standing in front of the airport, even the constant shots over their heads couldn’t stop them. Fear of the Taliban seems greater than their fear of bullets that could hit them. These recordings are from the Kurdish Rudaw TV channel, according to the reporter:

You are trying to differentiate people, but they are not ready. They all want to leave Afghanistan now.

Peter Hornung
ARD studio New Delhi

You, these are Taliban security forces and American soldiers. The new rulers of Afghanistan said yesterday that they want to cut off the access road to the airport so that only foreigners can get there. Many people in front of the airport have been there for days, desperately waiting for the gates to open and to be allowed into the site. And many of them will not be able to get to the other side of the thick walls, they are not on the passenger lists.

And those who stand on it fail to reach the gates – like a prince. This is not his real name, but he worked for the German army: “There were a lot of people and the soldiers were completely exhausted. They could no longer control people, and then sound bombs were used. That was a disaster, people swept and children fell to the ground and their parents could not carry them. “.

Calls for help via WhatsApp

Crossing, even for those who should already be allowed, is hardly possible at the gates. And the closer the deadline for the end of the airlift got, the greater the tension. For all the people who want to get out – as well as for those who are far from Kabul Airport. As in Mazar-i-Sharif, where the German army was stationed. There are still former local staff of German troops and local staff.

The wife of a cook who worked in the kitchen of the troops asks for help via WhatsApp: “My husband’s life is in danger. Everyone in our area knows he worked with the Germans. Everyone constantly asks why we didn’t leave the country. I wish he never worked for the Germans. If the Taliban or the ‘state were kidnapped’ Islamic “My husband, there will be no one left to take care of me and my children. I have already lost my father, I don’t want to lose my husband either.”

Helpers and organizations stay behind

Perhaps the United States should stick to the August 31 withdrawal date. Then the American soldiers leave the country. The last planes carrying ex-local personnel to be removed from Afghanistan must leave a few days in advance. The Bundeswehr can make the last trip on Thursday or Friday. This means that auxiliaries from German forces or organizations will then remain in Afghanistan.


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