So a lever could be used to exclude the AfD-affiliated foundation from state funding: “The thing with the foundation has a bad grip. Unfortunately, if you want to get paid, you have to abide by the basic law.” Won it in a certain way, can be seen in the single player. However, he went to court with Afti’s pioneers such as Mark Jongan and Carl Haynes Woman: “Right-wing extremists are waiting in the wings to expend a lot of energy to prevent them from becoming right-wing extremists in general.” Such activists “apparently pushed right-wing extremist views into the community.”

“Sham scientist with bad hairstyles”

Dressed in intellectual glasses and a television editor, Bohrman summed up his verdict in front of “students” in the studio at the Deciderius Erasmus Foundation: “Scientists with history-correcting, anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist pseudo-ugly hairstyles, thus endangering the basic democratic order of freedom.” The few Nazis who have received, with the Erasmus Foundation in the guise of science, want to bring right – wing extremism and unconstitutional ideas into our society. ”

Unfortunately, the Democrats were reluctant to do anything because they themselves benefited from the fact that “there are no clear rules for party-based foundations”: “It is better to throw bills out the window without justifying yourself.”

If you want to know more about the Deciduous Erasmus Foundation, this time too, Bohrman gave his fans a network address:

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