'Big amounts of money': Cottbus reported that he tried to tamper with the game

‘Large amounts of money’
Cottbus reported attempted match-fixing

The former Bundesliga football team, Energy Cottbus, reported an attempted fraud: “large amounts of money” were offered to several players in order to ensure that a cup match would go according to schedule. The club announces attempts, and the game is played anyway.

Regional football team FC Energie Cottbus has notified the Brandenburg Regional Football Association (FLB) of attempted match-fixing. In the past few days, “several players from FC Energie Cottbus have received match-fixing offers at AOK-Landespokal Brandenburg in Ludwigsfelder FC.” The former Bundesliga team said that before the match in the second round of the State Cup in the north-east of Oberligstein, on Saturday, which Cottbus won 2-0, the energy players were offered “large amounts of money”, in exchange for a “similar course”. from the game. The players involved reported “suspicious offers” to manipulate the club, which then reported the regional association and Ludwigsfelder FC.

The former Bundesliga club said in a statement: “FC Energy clearly distances itself from any kind of match-fixing, stating: ‘It is not with us’ and will provide the relevant investigative authorities with all information related to criminal prosecution.”

Ludwigsfeld president Marcel Pinkett told the dpa news agency in the afternoon that a player from Energy Cottbus had been contacted via social media to make a similar offer. In the morning, FA president Jens Kaden and Cottbus president Sebastian Lemke and Pinkett decided to exclude the player in question from the match and play the cup match. “It was all very professional,” Pinkett said. The match was won by the deadly team of former Bundesliga coach Klaus Dieter Wolitz.

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