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Takeaway lost 2 dollars a Michelin star

Chan Hong Meng aka Hooker Chan with his famous star dish

Chan Hong Meng aka Hooker Chan with his famous star dish

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A Michelin star brought the Singapore street snack to unexpected fame in 2016. Now, the world’s cheapest star cuisine has lost the award once again.

The dish came on a throw plate and cost less than a curry dish. However, the gourmet testers at the Michelin Guide were excited: in 2016 they awarded Chef Chan Hong Ming a Michelin star for a street snack in Singapore. Nice and hot with chili, chicken chan with rice in soy sauce became the world’s cheapest dish overnight. It only costs 2 Singapore dollars, which is equivalent to about 1.30 euros.

Now Hooker-Chan, as the snack is now called, has lost a Michelin star. In the latest Singapore edition of the Gourmet Bible, the famous chicken chef no longer appears, as CNN reported, among others.

Expansion after the award

After receiving the unexpected award five years ago, the Malaysian-born chef, considered modest, has expanded. An investor has transformed his small street food store into an international franchise chain with restaurants in Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries. The somewhat embarrassing name Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles became “Hawker Chan”, meaning street vendor chan. But it seems that the quality of the star did not survive the expansion.

But Chan will likely continue to live on fame. The original street food store was popular even before the star award. After that, customers are said to have queued for several hours in order to be served. Maybe the queue will be a little shorter now.

However, if you are looking for cheap star dishes in Singapore, you will continue to find them. The Michelin Guide in Singapore identified a total of 42 street vendors (peddlers), six street food shops, and 21 restaurants. According to Michelin, the stores offer their customers “a complete, high-quality menu for a maximum of S$45”. 45 Singapore dollars is equivalent to about 28 euros.

Resources: CNN / Michelin Guide


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