World-class dressage and horse blankets, Helen Langhanenberg relies on washers and dryers from Gutersloh, Gutsell Online, and OWL Live.

In a professional washing machine, up to 12 kg of equestrian textiles can be cleaned and also impregnated if necessary. Helen Langhanenberg made her decision – Dr. Reinhard Zinkan immediately convinced himself that the new stable washing machine worked. Photo: Millie

World-class dressage and horse blankets, Helen Langhanenberg relies on Gutersloh washers and dryers.

Gutersloh, Bellerbeck June 13, 2022

  • New washers and dryers reduce the amount of work in the barn
  • Developed specifically for equestrian sports and available in many countries

Behind every medal and trophy from Helen Langehanenberg is hard work – and a committed team that supports the internationally successful dressage rider. 9# Staff groom and train approximately 50 horses at a spacious facility near Billerbeck in Münsterland. A room branches off from the stable alley where a new commercial washer and proper dryer ensured sweat-cleared blankets, saddle pads, and bandages. It’s no coincidence: “We’ve been associated with equestrian sports for a long time,” said Dr. Reinhard Zinkan during a visit to the training center.

With Holsteiner Marie “Annabelle” Helen Langhanenberg co-winned the German #team #gold medal during the 2021 European Championships and was nominated as a reserve pair for the #Olympic Games in #Tokyo. “But the road to victory consists of a small act,” says the landlady, describing her daily life. “The sequence of steps is meticulously executed over and over again. Both humans and animals sweat, even if the training session ends after half an hour. Plus, there’s a lot of dirt going on with #outdoor #sport.

That’s why about 20 saddle pads should be washed a day – naturally, because before and after the tournament it can be twice as many. Now, however, the workload associated with groom Anne Kristen Berger has been greatly reduced: “We used to have a home washer that could hold 2 saddle pads at a time which I loaded and unloaded 10 times a day.” The commercial successor of the “Benchmark” model series can do more than double and be used only half as often. It also makes room for oversized winter blankets and sweat blankets, which previously went to the service provider to wash and dry them: the costs associated with this are eliminated.

With a 12kg drum of filling weight and slots on the back wall, the #professional #machine is set up to rinse off coarse dirt. 3 Special programs for horse blankets that take into account the properties of different materials and impregnate equestrian textiles if necessary. The dryer is designed with the same capacity.

“We have continuously developed these machines over many years,” says Reinhard Zinkan, whose great-grandfather founded the Gutersloh family business with his partner Karl Mille in 1899. “Today, such models can be found in large German riding stables and many other countries, including the United Arab Emirates.” For Helen Langhanenberg, no other manufacturer was also in question: “Only this supplier offers these special machines and at the same time suitable cleaning agents.”

Through her constant washing, she continues what is also practiced in other areas of her riding facility: for example, part of the hay comes from her own property, though the relevant part is rented. “This way I keep control of everything important and have a guarantee of quality.” Her clients around the world, who send commissioned four-legged friends to Billerbeck for training, appreciate that Helen Langehanenberg and her staff take care of many things themselves. the #vet is her husband. “There is a simple formula for success,” says the lady, who has won 14 medals from international tournaments to the Olympics and made her international debut some 20 years ago. “He who begins something with passion and sticks to it will sooner or later find the right path.

Reinhard Zinkan, who visited the new laundry, is also convinced of the concept: “Everything is here. Modern technology, committed staff and great horses that have a promising future in equestrian sports. «Since the sponsor supports national and international championships, this is not the first time he has looked behind the scenes “And that wasn’t the last time I was in this #stable.”

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