Minecraft Legends: New episodic strategy coming in 2023

The world of Minecraft is slowly growing. Not only does Minecraft itself get some crossovers with other games, like Sonic The Hedgehog, but there are now real episodic elements to the title. For example, Minecraft Dungeons offers action RPG gameplay, allowing you to run across different maps, slay many monsters, and get increasingly powerful equipment in true Diablo fashion.

Announcing a new show for Minecraft

Now with Minecraft (Buy now €21.90) Legends has announced a new action strategy game. As the trailer description reads, the game lets you explore “a familiar yet mysterious landscape teeming with life, lush biomes, and abundant resources.” However, the area is threatened by Piglins who want to spoil the “Overworld”. To prevent this, you ally with different factions and lead them in strategic battles.

Minecraft Legends is slated to release in 2023 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox and PC Game Pass. According to the show itself, all of the games shown are slated to release within the next twelve months, so we can likely expect a release by June 2023 at the latest.


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