Bethesda is the first real game for the space epic

On top of that Xbox Showcase For the first time a lot of Starfield Kamble was shown. Fans have been waiting a long time for this thing and have been rewarded accordingly by Bethesda. Todd Howard He himself came on stage and, for the first time, showed considerable things from the self-proclaimed space epic. 2023 Should appear. The trailer throws us over a strange planet where a robot comes with us. The character mines objects, encounters unknown creatures and heads to a testing lab. In it you are fighting against pirates armed in the best sniper style with different guns. At the same time a mini-game for opening boxes was also demonstrated. Howard follows this part of the trailer again New AtlantisThe capital of the last astronauts, proudly announces.

New Atlantis

There is the new Atlantis Planet Jamieson And is staged in the trailer with multiple camera perspectives. A team of researchers called Constellation was also introduced, including a very close zoom in on the face of the opposite NPC known from Bethesda games. The search for mysterious artifacts scattered throughout the galaxy should become part of our story.

Among other things, these seem to interact with humans in some form. At this point, the trailer provides a brief insight into the worlds we can travel to in Starfield. Various combinations are shown in the trailer and seem to work the same way as the guilds. Elder Scrolls Games. Many groups with different ideas, goals and objectives.

My house, my spaceship, my mountain view

Character creation also introduced Todd Howard. Status layout and customization of your own writing works just like well-known Bethesda titles. Creating your own outposts is reminiscent of Fallout and Skyrim. This is completely new Build your own spacecraft, Including personnel selection and visual customization of the ship. You can run this ship yourself!


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