Home Top News Biden’s claim: Revoke patents for Corona vaccines

Biden’s claim: Revoke patents for Corona vaccines

Biden’s claim: Revoke patents for Corona vaccines

MMore than 170 former heads of state and government, as well as Nobel Prize winners, have called for the suspension of patent protection on Corona vaccines. In an open letter Contact the President of America Joe Biden To defend it. Eliminating patent protection is “vital and necessary to end the epidemic.”

They worry that the global vaccination campaign is making slow progress, especially in poor countries. The letter released by Club de Madrid on Thursday said the patent suspension could help accelerate vaccine production in the United States and around the world. Many former heads of state and government met at the organization.

The club, which has begun to appeal with other international organizations, wrote that the impediments to “synthetic” production could be overcome by suspending patents. If the international vaccination campaign continues slowly as before, there is a risk that only 10 percent of people in poor countries will be immunized in the next year. It is about “placing everyone’s right to collective security over the monopolies of an economically few”. Biden should support the corresponding proposals from South Africa and India.

Governments are arguing with the pharmaceutical industry and companies that patent revocation is no longer effective Serum. All qualified manufacturers are already involved in production with licenses. However, the President of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, believes that it is possible to quickly convert existing factories to produce vaccines.


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