Jennifer Lopez + Alex Rodriguez
“We noticed we were better than friends”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

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The first rumors of a love affair with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez came in March. Now they have announced their separation in a joint statement.

Jennifer Lopez, 51, and Alex Rodriguez, 45, have officially announced the end of their engagement.

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod both broke off their engagement

In a joint statement “Today” they announced: “We recognize that we are best friends and look forward to doing so in the future. We will continue to work together and support each other in our common business and projects.” They want only the best for each other and their children, and they said that the well-being of their children is important to them: “Out of respect for them, another thing we have to say is that we thank each other and send out words of love to all of us who have expressed their support.”

In March they wanted to work on their relationship

News of the split between the two Hollywood stars came a few weeks ago. Both denied the news at the time. They admitted that they had problems but also declared that they wanted to work on them. “They never officially split up and talked about it, but they are still together. They have reached a difficult point, but they are not separated,” an insider told people in March. Now the end of love seems to be final.

J.Lo and A-Road became a couple in 2017. After a two-year relationship, they announced their engagement in March 2019. However, due to the corona epidemic, they repeatedly postponed their marriage.

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