At least 100 dead in the Mexican heat wave

Status: 06/30/2023 03:55 AM

At least 100 people have died in Mexico over the past two weeks due to the extreme heat. Temperatures are dropping now because of the rainy season. However, in the north, temperatures of 49°C continue to prevail.

Mexican authorities say at least 100 people have died in the past two weeks due to the sweltering heat. The Ministry of Health said in a report that temperatures had jumped to nearly 50 degrees Celsius in parts of the country.

Almost all deaths were attributed to heatstroke, and a handful were attributed to dehydration. According to the report, at least 64 deaths have been reported in the northern state of Nuevo León, which borders Texas.

The rainy season brings needed rains

A three-week heatwave this month hit the power grid with record demand, forcing authorities to suspend classes in some areas.

The temperatures have dropped in recent days, and the rainy season has brought much-needed rain. However, temperatures of up to 49°C still prevail in some cities in the north of the country and keep residents on alert.

Summer temperatures usually range between 30 and 45 degrees. A new heat wave could hit the country as early as July 1st.

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