Home science Attention, health hazard! This food should not be on the grill

Attention, health hazard! This food should not be on the grill

Attention, health hazard!  This food should not be on the grill

Skewers of meat, lamb cheese, and vegetables are part of a barbecue for many. The choice of foods to put on the grill is huge. However, some products can pose a health hazard once they fall on the rust. Under no circumstances should you grill these goods.

A piece of meatAnd the Sausage Or banana is a popular barbecue food. Often barbecue enthusiasts try what can still be prepared in this way, thus becoming a true gastronomic experience. But be careful! In some products, substances that are considered carcinogenic are formed.

Wiener sausage Taboo on the grill

They are both cured and smoky Meat It doesn’t have to be grilled. Because Viennese sausage, porkKassler’s and many other meat products contain nitrite processing salts. Due to the high temperatures, carcinogens such as nitrosamines can form with meat protein. Risks Colon Cancer or Esophageal cancer Increase.

Meat products that are not permitted to roast include:

  • Bookorst
  • Meat sausage
  • Kassler
  • meatloaf
  • Pork (cooked pork, raw pork, ham), bacon
  • Wiener sausage

However, nitrite treatment salts are not always clearly marked on the packaging. It is also hidden behind names such as “table salt (iodized) … preservative E250”.

When it comes to sausage products used for barbecuing, you should use products that are explicitly classified as fried or roast sausages. It is free of processing salts and can be cooked on a wire rack.

Marinated meat Do not place it directly on the wire rack

Care should also be taken with spiced foods. As it drips Infusion Or that Fat In coals, substances dangerous to health can also appear – such as benzopyrine, which are carcinogens. Although these dangerous substances are not ingested through food, they are inhaled through smoke. The same effect happens with Questioning On the electric grill as soon as the fat drips onto the heating elements.

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Grill meat, cheese and sheep VegetablesMarinated or pickled in one bowl only Aluminium. This prevents the grease and seasoning from dripping into the embers and toxic smoke from rising – and it also makes it easier for you to clean the grill later.

Acidic or salty foods

However, not all spiced foods may be cooked in the aluminum plate. For example, if your marinade contains acid or pickles in brine, aluminum is a taboo. Due to the higher temperatures, acids and salts react with the light metal and release aluminum ions. These substances are very dangerous to health and then end up in the body through food.

put them VitaAnd the Tomatoes, Salzheringe, Pineapple And the apples are not in the aluminum pan on the grill. Alternatively, prepare them in a special grill pan, stainless steel bowl, or alternatively use the following foods:

  • Eggplant
  • Mushrooms
  • fennel
  • Potato
  • Miskolbin
  • Red pepper
  • asparagus
  • Onions

ghee Harmful to health

Corn on the cob loves to end up on the grill as a healthy alternative to regular meat products – especially when it thaws ghee Or you can serve herbal butter. For the snack to remain healthy, you need to pay attention to the correct order of preparation. This means: do not butter the flask until after roasting. The reason: Some of the fatty acids in butter are very sensitive to heat. At very high temperatures it can oxidize and form carcinogens. In addition, even with corn that has already been buttered on the grill, the fat can fall into the embers and create toxic smoke. It is best to grease hot corn with butter after grilling.

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If you want to put the vegetables on the wire shelf already greased so that they remain soft, it is better to use heat-resistant oils such as, for example olive oil or Rapeseed oil. You can also use these oils for other vegetables, as well as grilled meats and fish.

Do not use cold pressed oils to coat food on the grill.

Soft meat It often gets tough instead of tender

Lean meats such as game or veal are not suitable for grilling. It contains little fat and thus is hard and easily dry.

If you are Alternatives If you are looking for steaks and sausages, it is best to use low-fat cuts of meat.

You can roast, for example

  • Turkey / chicken
    Turkey breast fillet
    Turkey thighs
  • Shell
    Beef rump steak
    Roast beef
    Rib eye
  • pig
    A piece of pork
    Pork neck steak
    Pork tenderloin
    Cut the ribs
  • L
    Lamb chops
    To cry
    Lamb salmon

After roasting, you can cut the fat. This makes the dish more digestible and lower in calories.

To keep the meat juicy and not burnt if it is grilled for a long time, it must be taken out of the refrigerator in time. 30 minutes in advance is usually sufficient.


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