Home science COVID-19 in the Quebec region: Variant BA.2 leads to an increase in cases

COVID-19 in the Quebec region: Variant BA.2 leads to an increase in cases

COVID-19 in the Quebec region: Variant BA.2 leads to an increase in cases

Public health authorities in the Quebec region believe that the health situation remains under control despite the acceleration of infection which is likely to be attributed to Omicron’s “cousin”, the BA.2 subvariable.

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CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale reported 260 new lab-discovered cases on Wednesday, double what five days earlier. This is certainly just the tip of the iceberg given the widespread prevalence of rapid tests, raising Ds Jack Gerrard, medical assistant to the Director of Public Health.

“What we observe elsewhere in Quebec, we also observe in Capitale-Nationale. […] The expert said that the assumption that it is BA.2 that appears for the first time, is very probable.

But for now, he continues, there is no need to worry. In terms of hospitalization and mortality […]is still stable” at present.

vaccination coverage

An overload scenario for hospital environments is excluded at this time. “We currently believe that will not be the case, that we will be able to get the situation under control,” supports Ds Gerard.

Even if indicators start to rise again, the higher vaccination coverage and additional protection given to the many people who have been infected with Omicron in recent months provide a certain level of confidence on both sides of the river.

However, public health authorities agree that a booster dose of the vaccine is necessary to prevent an outbreak. About 52% of Quebecers have chosen it so far.

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At the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches, drepeat Liliana Romero, the regional director of public health, spoke of an increase of about 30% in cases of the coronavirus that was discovered last week. There is still no effect on the mortality curve, but the number of people in hospital jumped from 60 to 78 in seven days.

There have been 25 outbreaks associated with about 600 infections in elderly residences, according to D.repeat Romero. “The good news is that our users are well vaccinated and so far we have seen that in general, with some exceptions, users are doing well, and symptoms are really very weak.”

Laval University

On the other hand, on the Quebec side, Laval University has decided to switch the teaching activities of its Doctor of Medicine program online, due to the number of students who have announced that they have to self-isolate in connection with COVID-19. Remote lessons will continue until 1He is April and exams scheduled during this period will be rescheduled.

“This decision was made in order to limit contact and ensure the continuation of educational activities in this program. “At all times, Laval University cooperates with the Department of Public Health,” said University of Laval spokesperson, Simone La Terreur.

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