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Male breast cancer: sterilization doubles the risk

Male breast cancer: sterilization doubles the risk

Although rare, breast cancer is found in men. And according to a new study, the first of which is significant in this topic, infertile men are more likely to develop the disease. But without being able to explain why.

in France , Male breast cancer It affects approximately 500 men each year. It mainly affects men over 60 years of age, and is manifested – as in women – by a lump in the breast, glands in the armpits, discharge from the nipple or changes in the skin of the breast and nipple. Although treated in the same way as women, breast cancer in men is still poorly understood and its prognosis is still poorer, especially because Diagnosis is often too late.

To try to provide an answer, a team of researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research in London conducted a study — the largest in the subject — of 1,998 men newly diagnosed with breast cancer in England and the United Kingdom between 2005 and 2017. During this time they were asked about infertility and offspring, including whether they had any biological children, if they They have ever had any problems conceiving, or if they had ever seen a doctor for fertility problems. They were then compared to 1,597 males with no history of the disease.

According to the findings, published May 17 in the journal Breast Cancer Research, Infertile men can be twice as likely to develop breast cancer. “These are important findings linking infertility with breast cancer in men, said Dr. Michael Jones, lead author of the study. Our study indicates that infertile men are twice as likely to develop breast cancer than those without fertility problems.. “

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Link still unexplained

The results also indicated that a greater number of men who had never had children were diagnosed with breast cancer during the study. However, the reasons for this association are unclear and more studies are needed to investigate The primary role of male fertility hormones in breast cancer risk in men.

Discovering the link between male infertility and breast cancer is a step toward our understanding of male breast cancer and how we can find more ways to diagnose and treat men – and perhaps women – with this devastating disease.‘,” concludes Dr. Simon Vincent, director of the study’s research.

Meanwhile, researchers recommend that men Check their chest regularly – The result of a certain amount of breast tissue – and Consultation of a general practitioner in the event of a change in the chest area.

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  • Infertility and risk of breast cancer in men: a national case-control study in England and Wales, Breast Cancer ResearchMay 17, 2022

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