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Appeal Discount! DFB Federal Court upholds VfL Wolfsburg cup-out

Appeal Discount!  DFB Federal Court upholds VfL Wolfsburg cup-out

VFL Wolfsburg finally knocked out of the DFB Cup! The DFB federal court ruled on Thursday following a sports court ruling that it lost 2-0 in a 3-1 first-round victory in Prussia after a mistake in Munster last week. Then the appeal filed by the Bundesliga team failed, so the fourth division moved on to the second round. The draw for the second round, scheduled for Sunday, could go as planned. Prior to the negotiations one had a domestic VfL SportsBUZZER-Information has already agreed to drop further legal solutions.


Just like a week ago, coach Mark von Pommel (relaxed autographs before the meeting), sports director Marcel Schoffer, managing director Tim Schumacher, legal adviser Christopher Wendish, lawyer Christoph Schighard (Ludwigsburg) and one of them – this time team manager Philip came to it. According to the court, the written procedure was not sufficient. But this time the negotiations went very fast. The first verdict was announced five hours after the session began, this time within three and a half hours, led by Achim Spot.

First, the VfL had to testify again, and then a fourth officer, Tobias Fritz, was interviewed – both sides stuck to their statements a week earlier. Sport said there was no decision other than the sports court. He justified the verdict as follows: “The sixth player’s unauthorized replacement was very negligent because the WFL has all the information about current football law in Wolfsburg. It is a serious organizational mistake that both coaches did not know about. “

Wolfsburg, for their part, expected a different verdict. “Of course we regret the end of the proceedings and would like a different outcome. Despite our own fault – we put forward good arguments, which, in our view, would justify a re-emergence,” VfL Managing Director Tim Schumacher was quoted as saying on the club’s website. “But of course, for the sake of fair play, we accept the DFB federal court ruling and focus on the upcoming work in the Bundesliga and the Champions League.”

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In the last few days, criticism of the first verdict has increased. “I see it as completely different from what the DFB Sports Court has decided. In the case of substitutes and substitutes, it is obvious that a player can only enter the playing field with the consent of the referee. And if he does so in an irregular manner, he must be warned. Referee Manuel Groove said on Sport 1 One-Two. And “rule violations that have a serious impact on the game can lead to recurrence”.

The DFB Federal Court did not see that in the second instance and thus joined the sports court. A week ago in Wolfsburg Munster it was reported that one of their “basic duties” had been violated (Admiral Mehmet Maximilian came for Philip), “Learn about transfer options and act accordingly”, So Judge Stephen Oberholes in charge in his judgment. On Thursday, Spot noted: “It is one of the basic duties of clubs to find out the rules in detail and in a timely manner. If a club violates this, there is criminal conduct. The club is solely responsible for the replacement.

So there will be no replay. This means there is no need to postpone the cup draw and it could take place on Sunday as part of the ARD sports program. Munster, who started the new regional league season with three wins from three games, are also good and top favorites for the promotion: Prussia can now strengthen their squad using around ,000 250,000 to advance to the second round. After the verdict was announced, Munster’s sports director Peter Niemeyer was relieved: “It’s good to have complete clarity now and the verdict has been confirmed in the first instance. Nothing else would have surprised us so much.”

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