Home Top News Quick coach Kohbauer after the derby draw: “We were better everywhere” – football

Quick coach Kohbauer after the derby draw: “We were better everywhere” – football

Quick coach Kohbauer after the derby draw: “We were better everywhere” – football

After a significant increase in earnings in his last three competitive matches, Rapid entered the 333rd Vienna Derby against Austria as the favorite. The bottom line is a 1-1 draw against the bottom of the table, which ends the first part of the season.

“When I look at the stats, I also found in the game that we were better all around,” Rapid coach Didi Kühbauer summed up in the post-derby press conference.

“However, I think we lacked a little bit of accuracy today, especially in the first half, where we lost a lot of balls unnecessarily. Then Austria went 1-0 up. After some nice work to equalize, we were much better in the game,” said Burgenlander, who testified to The visual superiority of his team in the game, “We were the most active team without creating the big chances.”

“I don’t care who doesn’t understand me”

Kohbauer said the rigors of European Cup qualifiers in recent weeks had severely limited his team. “Looking at the last few weeks we have to take the X, although I think we were the better team. But we didn’t have the chances we had in the last derby.”

Physically, one or another Rapidler walked on the gum. Ercan Kara put up an uncharacteristically poor performance against city rivals. After 56 minutes he had to make way for Koya Kitagawa, a relief to the ÖFB national player.

“If you take Erci today, he’s an animal, but he struggled with his weight today on soapy ground,” Kühbauer said in “Sky.”

“Today we weren’t as accurate as we could. But when I say that players are people and not machines, I hope everyone understands me. I don’t care about those who don’t understand me,” explains Kohbauer, Der not only recognizes physical fatigue.

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Said the Rapid coach, who would have liked to see the winning goal. his team. In Austria, on the other hand, Kohbauer is satisfied with the points exchange.

“I had the impression that Austria were happy with the draw. They had one option at the back, but I think we tried to play for the second goal.”

Gartler: Goalkeeper ‘stupid’

Fast goalkeeper Paul Gartler struggles to get the score, but he also knows that a draw is fair. “I think the match was very muddled. Both teams fought well. We left a lot of strength in the last few weeks. Unfortunately for us it only ended in a 1-1 draw. Overall, the result is well deserved if you put both halves together,” said the old player. The 24-year-old, who was annoyed by the way the goal was received, “were not having any top-class players on either side”.

“The jerky hurts a lot. Deebert, he’s lagging like that. It was hard for me because I don’t know if I’m going to get there or not. Deeper it’s going through his legs. But luckily we quickly got a 1:” said Gartler, who probably will have to Sitting on the bench again after the international break, he said, “You should take the X with him.”

Rapids top seed Richard Streibinger, who was forced to watch due to a shoulder injury, is likely ready to come back after free time.

The national players miss Kohbawar

Although the international season means a break from the Hütteldorfer game, Rapidler will not be out of action for the next two weeks.

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In addition to players such as Leo Greiml, Jonas Auer or Lukas Sulzbacher, who are in the U21 national team, forwards Ercan Kara and Taxiarchis Fountas have been called up to the ÖFB team and the Greek national team.

Fast coach Kühbauer, on the one hand, has a prize for the duo, which makes him happy. On the other hand, there is a lot of catching up on the training ground. While the international break will be renewed in the first week, active training can be done in the second week.

“In the second week you can do things we couldn’t do now. We were just in renewal mode now,” complains Kohbauer. “If we’re only in renewal mode, all we have to do is prepare for the next opponent and then that’s it again. We have to accept it as it is.”

Kohbauer’s faith in Santa Claus

A wider band could assist at Kühbauer’s request. Even in the game, the 50-year-old will have more design options.

“It was offensive because we couldn’t bring anyone in. I was at the limit because I didn’t have an attacking player anymore. I traded everything I had and I’m no longer available,” Kühbauer laments.

Kühbauer would welcome an increase in the team, as tension does not suddenly drop after the international break. Conversely, qualification to the Europa League group stage would add six matches in 2021 that most other teams in the Bundesliga do not have.

“The risk of getting injured from the back is much greater than it is now. That’s why we need a wider team. That would be very good, I don’t mind,” said Rapid’s coach.

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When asked if Burgenlander also believes in getting reinforcements, he replied, “I also believe in Santa Claus. Santa Claus always brings me something, so I’m convinced we’ll get something.”

Whether Kühbauer is good enough for this is another matter. Rapid coach saw his third yellow card in the sixth match against Austria, so he keeps up with the biggest yellow offender in the league, who also carries three yellow cards.

But in the end, it’s not a white-bearded Rotund man who decides which reinforcements for Rapid, but Sport Managing Director Zoran Barisic. Perhaps he gives his coach a richer gift than his behavior allows.

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