Home Economy Anniversary special model: VW Touareg Edition 20!

Anniversary special model: VW Touareg Edition 20!

Anniversary special model: VW Touareg Edition 20!

Standard leather interior and “EDITION 20” detailing.

The specificity of the “EDITION 20” Touareg continues in the ultra-modern interior: upon entering, the driver and passengers are greeted by the illuminated door sills with the lettering “EDITION 20”. High-quality black leather seats (type “Savona”) with distinctive diamond stitching and stitching in a contrasting color “ceramic”, light beige, emphasize the overall impression of a particularly elegant. The sporty character is underlined by the red accents: perfectly proportioned double tiers in “Ceramique / Red” can be found on the dashboard, steering wheel and interior doors. The leather-covered automatic selector lever is also marked “EDITION 20”.

2022 Sondermodell VW Touareg Edition 20 Tuning 7

Four different types of motors with superior performance.

The new Volkswagen Touareg “EDITION 20” is available with four different engine variants:

  • 170 kW (231 hp) 3.0 V6 TDI with torque of 500 Nm
  • 210 kW (286 hp) 3.0 V6 TDI with 600 Nm of torque
  • 250 kW (340 hp) 3.0 V6 TSI with 450 Nm of torque
  • V6 TSI plug-in electric engine with 280 kW (381 hp) and 600 Nm of torque

All four engines transmit their power to an eight-speed gearbox with all-wheel drive. This makes it possible to tow trailers with brakes weighing up to 3.5 tons.

Technology pioneer and record holder for 20 years.

When it was introduced in 2002, the Touareg surprised everyone with its 5.0-liter V10 TDI and 750Nm of torque, which was impressive at the time. Volkswagen Motorsport’s “Touareg Race” dominated the “Dakar Rally” for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011. Several long-distance world records such as the B. in Panamericana followed with coverage of 23,000 km in less than twelve days. In 2006, the Touareg pulled a 155-ton Boeing 747 from the hangar, setting another world record.

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In 2005, the “Stanley” Touareg, one of the first truly intelligent cars in automotive history, won the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “Grand Challenge” for autonomous vehicles in California, in which only four of the 23 crossed Finish line vehicles. Today, Volkswagen customers benefit from many years of development experience with systems such as Travel Assist and optional remote controlled parking.


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