Electronic cars are on fire: the manufacturer is taking strange measures

General Motors, the automaker, has come under fire: Electronic drivers are reporting burning cars. Now the group recommends strange procedures.

Hamburg – Finding a parking space is becoming increasingly difficult in large cities. In many places, imminent fines make this already hard work even more difficult. City Hamburg is now making itself dumb and dumb thanks to high fines*. As for drivers of GM electronic cars, there is now another problem: due to the increased risk of fire, electric cars can only be stopped within 15 meters.

24hamburg.de* reveals why electric car maker General Motors took this strange measure.

But keeping a safe distance is by no means enough. Drivers of recalled Chevrolet Bolt and Opel Ampera e models should continue to be careful: the e-car model in question may not be in garages. It is also recommended not to fully charge the car battery. Reason: Under certain conditions, the battery can easily catch fire. *24hamburg.de is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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