Hertha vs BSC 0: 2: HSV misses promotion to Bundesliga | NDR.de – Game

Hertha vs BSC 0: 2: HSV misses promotion to Bundesliga |  NDR.de – Game

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HSV missed out on promotion to Bundesliga. After a 1-0 win in the first leg at Hertha BSc, Hamburg lost 2-0 (0-1) to the Berliners in front of their own home crowd.

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Many tears were shed at the sold-out Vauxhall Stadium when referee Denise Aidek stopped play after a six-minute break after the last-ditch HSV attack failed on Monday evening. Coach Tim Walter, who had glass-like eyes, sought to comfort him and his players during these difficult moments. Substitute keeper Tom Mickel, the team’s good soul and striker Bakery Jatta sat on the substitutes ’bench coach and cried as they hugged. All three presented a picture of grief. Abschlach band’s unofficial HSV anthem !: “I love my hamburger so much.”

“It hurts a lot today. It’s going to hurt a lot tomorrow too. But we’ll sit back soon and look forward to it,” said midfielder Jonas Mayfart, who failed to make the exit with the Holstein hinge last year. Captain Sebastian Schonlov added a self-criticism about the mixed performance in Hamburg: “Today we did not do what set us apart throughout the season.”


HSV coach Tim Walter gestures excitedly.  © WITTERS Photo: TimGroothuis

HSV actually picked up speed at the end of the second division season, but may be a bit late. In the elimination, the Hanseatic League lost to Herta BSC. Gallery

Fans offer comfort to Walter-Elf

Walter-Elf received enthusiastic applause from their fans, confirming recognition for the best HSV season four years and eleven days before the first outing, despite the shattered dream of promotion. With the junior team in the second division, Hamburg finished third after third place. And: Unlike after the first three seasons at First Division Lower House, the traditional club now have a team with opportunities. Team with quality and mood.

“I’m so proud of my team. I’m proud to be the coach here. I’m proud that the audience is rooted for that.” Walter told NDR. “We will wake up again, but this time there is only emptiness,” the 46-year-old said. As he embarks on a new venture in the Elite Class direction with Hamburger next year, Herta will coach and HSV legend Felix Magdalen has bid farewell to his self-proclaimed “Big City Club” after a successful rescue mission.

HSV player Jonas Mayford was disappointed.  © WITTERS Photo: TimGroothuis

Video: HSV voiced in the exit: “Total emptiness and disappointment” (1 min)

HSV in the first half without a chance to score

In the first half, in front of 55,000 spectators, HSV in Berlin was unable to repeat their determined performance. After 45 minutes, the team did not score any significant goals. Poor defensive performance weighs more than their unimaginable offensive performance, which is characterized by a number of poor passes. Arriving captain Tetrich Poyada was able to put Marvin Plattenhardt’s corner kick into the net almost 240 seconds later. The referee did not find it a violation of Aidek’s rules to dismiss Belgium’s Jonas Mayford with a small snippet.

Heuer Fernandez avoids excessive gap deficits

The Berliners then showed more presence in the duels, pressurizing the HSV player to carry the ball again and again, after winning the ball, acting faster than the home team, who were the best opponents behind the scenes. The first fight attracted. Walter’s keeper Daniel Huer Fernandez was not even 2-0 up at the break. The 29-year-old took a brilliant (31 ‘) shot from Lucas Dosart.

HSV coach Tim Walter (L.) comforts keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandez © WITTERS

Audio: HSV Coach Walter: “We Wake Up Again” (2 min)

HSV is better after the break, but still harmless

HSV came out of the dressing room with different body language, now seemed more assertive and confirmed the first attack exclamation mark after the break with a long distance shot by Moritz Hair, which was blocked by Oliver Christensen (49 ‘). The Berlin goalkeeper, who was reportedly on Hamburg’s wish list last summer, could not do much at first.

Despite the hard work of the Hanseatic League, they did not develop the invading power to attack. After all, the defense has now made a somewhat stable appearance. From the game, Hertha is not very dangerous. But another Dead Ball went 2-0. Platonheart took a free kick past Heuer Fernandez and went into the far corner (63 ‘). The keeper didn’t really cut a good figure with quality from the most dangerous position.

Shortly afterwards, the goalkeeper corrected his mistake, saved and kept his team in the game when Steven Jovetic (74th) had a good chance. One goal would have been enough for HSV to defend themselves at least overtime. However, the hosts, bravely frustrated, found no way out of the focused Hertha defense and thus suffered one of the most bitter defeats in the club’s turbulent history. The yellow-red card against Tousart did not change it (90 ‘+ 6’).

2nd Match Day, 23.05.2022 8:30 pm

Hamburger SV


Hertha B.Sc.



Hamburger SV:
Heuer Fernandez – Haier (82nd Kiemera), Vuskovic, Schonlov, Muhaim – Reyes, Muffert, Roar (58th Wagner) – Jatta (74th M. Kaufman), Glatzell, Kittel

Hertha BSc:
Christensen – Beckerick, Poyata, Kemp, Plattenhart (81. Bijorgon) – Duchard, Askasipar – Bodeng (90. Torrida), Sertar (85. N. Stark) – Belfodel (82. Malita), Zovatic

55000 (sold out)

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Hamburger SV players celebrate Ludovit Reyes' goal (3rd from left) on Hertha BSc © IMAGO / Revierfoto.

Hamburg won the first leg of the first leg at Berlin with a goal from Ludovic Reyes and could make perfect return to the Bundesliga on Monday. Further

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