Anna Ermakova wants nothing to do with the turbulent court case surrounding her father, Boris Becker. In order to escape the media hype, she left her hometown of London before the trial began. The art student prefers to attract attention with her talent for fashion. She regularly presents her clothes on social media. Now the model with German, Russian, Nigerian and Czech roots has shared a new photo on Instagram, in which she can be seen in a black “Black Swan”-style look. Did she choose this outfit to fit the prospect of the verdict in the case of Boris Becker, who was convicted on all 24 counts?

Boris Becker asked his ex-wife Angela Ermakova for money

Anna Ermakova is said to be staying in her second home, Monaco. Anyway, I recently partyed there with friends. She still does not want to comment publicly on the allegations against her prominent father. Although she continues to appear at events, such as one recently at the WMF in Munich, interviews are completely rejected. However, things are different with her mother, Angela Ermakova. Unlike her daughter, the native Russian and the former affair of tennis star Boris Becker does not keep silent about his criminal proceedings. But instead of supporting him, she herself has raised serious allegations against the 54-year-old. She recently claimed that he wanted to borrow from her.

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