Home Tech Android Auto: Google Assistant Driving Mode Has Few Friends – Should the Old App Be Back?

Android Auto: Google Assistant Driving Mode Has Few Friends – Should the Old App Be Back?

Android Auto: Google Assistant Driving Mode Has Few Friends – Should the Old App Be Back?

Google owns the information and entertainment platform Android Auto I donated a long time ago a major reboot that should cover all areas: use on the infotainment screen, on a smartphone and as a car operating system. But the smartphone version of all things stopped and it is today Google Assistant driving mode Fear more than needed. Should Google take a step back?

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Android Auto and all the apps and platforms associated with it are not rocket science, as it is basically an alternative launcher that is displayed on either a smartphone or tablet in the car and runs apps optimized for this mode. Nothing more, nothing less, so it should be assumed that such a project should not pose any major challenges to a company like Google.

The small reboot of Android Auto in the car took place in the second half of 2019 and was very well received by users. The planned parallel reboot on the smartphone had to be canceled shortly before the start of the boot for unknown reasons. The change from Android Auto to Google Assistant Driving Mode in May 2019 appears to have caused major problems shortly before release and had to be withdrawn. But since Android 10 was already on the way and Android Auto was no longer available for this operating system, other apps were created as a temporary solution. A little bumpy, but it worked well.

Two years later, the Google Assistant Driving Mode is finally finished and he wants to replace the classic Android car on the smartphone with it. The release is still in progress, but once the new mode arrives (as with Android 12), the original Android Auto app can no longer be used. This is exactly where the problem lies.

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Driving Mode for Google Assistant Android Auto 4

Google Assistant driving mode causing problems
After the initial hype, Google Assistant’s driving mode very quickly turned into a disappointment, with many users not being receptive to the concept or having problems or difficulties starting the mode at all. A long list of problems including a report on suffering can be found in this article. Teething issues are nothing unusual, but the situation has been broaching for months and you have been working on the app for at least two years. You should be able to expect a bug-free application, especially for in-car use.

Should Android Auto be back?
The question is why they said goodbye to Android Auto in the first place and dedicated everything to Google Assistant. The mode is part of Android, can only be played via Google Maps, and as usual, the Assistant is more of an add-on than a base. You simply have to call it “Android Driving Mode”, provide a shortcut in the quick settings and some issues will be resolved. Google Assistant is everywhere anyway and users don’t have to be bullied into using it.

In my opinion, going back to Android Auto on smartphones would be the only right step. It will support the platform module which is controlled in the background by the same engine on the smartphone. You will have the stable and bug-free version (on the smartphone). I can imagine there’s at least one renaming in the near future, because the attempt two to three years ago to squeeze Google Assistant everywhere has been a bit abandoned already.

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Note: If you don’t feel snug with the drive mode, but depend on it, you should take a look at the replacement head unit that has been reloaded.

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