Bird flu is good Back in France. An outbreak in breeding was detected on Friday, November 26, the Department of Agriculture notes, in a Breeding laying hens municipality show them (north).

The suspicion of infection comes after discovering abnormal deaths among poultry on the farm‘, determine which ministry is adding it The search is still going on To find the source of pollution.

it’s the The first outbreak of breeding was detected in France since last winterAccording to the ministry. France has been severely affected by the disease, with nearly 500 outbreaks of bird flu identified in poultry farms. More than 3.5 million birds, mostly ducks, had to be slaughtered to contain the epidemic.

Since the beginning of November, the risk of bird flu has risen to high level” throughout mainland France. To avoid any contamination, French poultry is reserved.

Fishing is prohibited until further notice

To prevent a recurrence of the situation last year, several measures were taken. a protection area 3 km around the stove and Observation area 10 km was created by the governor.

So the fishingIt is prohibited until further notice for waterfowl and feathered animals on municipal lands within a radius of 10 km around the respective breeding in the municipality of Warheim”, explains the North Governorate.

The movement of poultry in these areas is also prohibited. The Ministry also specified thatThe house will be evacuated and disinfected without delay“.

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