Pantovic from Bochum hits from the midfield

DrThanks to a dream goal scored by Milos Pantovic, he defeated VFL Bochum SC Freiburg and thus spoiled the memory of SC coach Christian Streiche. Pantovic met in the 82nd minute from the center circle to the acclaimed success of 2:1 (0:0) for the climber in Strech’s 300th match as coach of Freiburg in the Bundesliga. SC Football Club goalkeeper Mark Flecken rushed away from his goal in the decisive goal on Saturday.

Before today’s scene, Sebastian Poulter (54th place) equaled Freiburg’s lead from Philipp Leinhart (51st). Already in the 2-0 win at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on November 6, Pantović scored from a great distance, at that time it was 66 meters, and this time 45.

With 16 points now, Al Buchmer is still in the middle of the table. On the other hand, Freiburg had to accept their third consecutive league defeat after their impressive start to the season. With 22 counters, the SCF is still completely inside the target. Both teams started very strong. The players did not lose any ball and led the confrontations strongly from the beginning. The first offensive action belonged to VfL. After a superb midfield mix, Felken safely saved Bochum captain Anthony Lucilla’s shot. On the other hand, Nico Schlutterbeek’s header hit the top of the net after a free kick.

Amid the cheers of the raucous crowd, the hosts tried to switch quickly after winning the ball. However, for the most part, they again lost the ball in front of the Freiburg penalty area or played very inaccurately in the decisive zone. VFL coach Thomas Rees, who had been looking forward to getting to know Streiche and had a long chat with the 56-year-old on the sidelines before the match, warned of the strong pressure on SC. Every now and then, Freiburg residents also use it. However, it was above all a technically better gameplay system that made them stand out from the middle of the first half. The visitors missed clear scoring opportunities until the 45th minute. Then Schlutterbeek came free after a corner kick ten meters from the goal, but only hit the post.

Shortly after the break, Lienhardt hit the target. Vincenzo Griveaux crossed a direct free kick from the right side to the middle and headed the central defender into the goal from five meters away. The target did not hit Bochum. Nicholas Hoefler of Freiburg lost the ball in the crowd, Gerrit Holtmann got rid of Poulter and the striker equalized.


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