Home Top News ‘Amazing performance’: West Ham boss hails ‘fantastic’ unit

‘Amazing performance’: West Ham boss hails ‘fantastic’ unit

‘Amazing performance’: West Ham boss hails ‘fantastic’ unit

“Unbelievable achievement”
West Ham coach hails ‘wonderful’ unit

Eintracht Frankfurt earns a lot of respect with his impressive performances against FC Barcelona. They appear both on and off the field. Ahead of the upcoming European holiday in Hesse, the rival coach is excited.

West Ham United coach David Moyes warned against rival Eintracht Frankfurt ahead of the Europa League semi-final. The 59-year-old said in London: “Winning Barcelona in two games was a great achievement and shows the advantages of Frankfurt. They have a lot in common with us and it will be an exciting match.”

England will go on Thursday night (9pm / RTL and on RTL +) to be the favorites in the duel with Hesian side, who knocked out the former Champions League champions Spain from the Europa League. Moyes, who has also coached Manchester United and Everton in his career, added: “They are a big name in German football with unbelievable support. I have been in a few games in Frankfurt and they have always had tremendous support.” He thinks it’s “very special” for two teams with such a history to meet.

Semi-finals go…

… from Eintracht Frankfurt to West Ham United will live and Exclusively on free TV at RTL (Broadcast start 8.15pm, kick-off 9pm) and on RTL + Transfer. There you can also watch the semi-final between RB Leipzig and Glasgow Rangers. subordinate RTL Germany Live Streaming Service All Games UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League evening as singles matches and in conference. Starting at 5:30pm, RTL+ will kick off a big European Cup evening with “Matchday: Die Spieltagsshow”.

The Hammers play their home games at London’s Olympic Stadium and have already beaten long-term winners FC Seville and Olympique Lyonnais with former national player Jerome Boateng in the current competition. “Frankfurt is a great football team,” said midfielder Mark Noble. “Any team that beats Barcelona has to be respected.”

Party in front of the palace?

Meanwhile, the president of Eintracht Frankfurt, Peter Fischer, announced that after the day of the party in Barcelona, ​​they will also feel like they are in London. Fischer declared in Bild: “I won’t let this go, no matter where we play in Europe. I don’t know yet where – there are some in London. Why not in front of Buckingham Palace? There isn’t much happening at the moment” .

Some 30,000 Eintracht fans traveled to Barcelona, ​​first in the city and later celebrated a 3-2 win at the Camp Nou. For the match at the Olympic Stadium in London, the Bundesliga club is supposed to get only 3,000 tickets this time. “We can do it,” Fisher declared. “And we’ll be over 3,000.”

The Eintracht leadership is afraid that fans who enter the stadium from outside the guest building will be expelled again. The president said the club had a similar experience with Chelsea in 2019. “In the city we will certainly have many people who will support us from the pubs in London. Unfortunately, Brexit makes it more difficult to travel to England. As a European, I am convinced,” said the president. I find that very difficult.” . A week later, on May 5th, the return leg will take place in Frankfurt.

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