Thuringia alternating two-year career -

MSC Pößneck explained that the reasons why the event will only be held every two years in the future are varied.

The statement said: “The efforts made in 2020 and 2021 in preparation for this year’s rally, as well as our will” to go a step further, showed us that we needed time.” “Of course we are very excited this year after our good resume, but the effort, In addition to our expectations and the following 58th edition of the Thuringia Rally he showed us that the key to long-term success and well-organized advance planning is. Since just a copy of the 2021 edition is not an option for us and will not meet our requirements, we have decided to plan for 2023 this year.”

When the decision was made to suspend the event for two years, reasons also played a role, such as ongoing uncertainty in the planning of the organizers, as well as economic reasons. “Due to the loss of spectators and other aggravating factors, we have suffered significant economic losses for our club in the Thuringia Rally this year. In order to cover the event well financially in the future, MSC Pößneck is looking for other sponsors and partners,” says club director Markus Thallmann.

These are the future plans

For the future, the organizers are planning to set up one or two new special stages. The concept of the event should be as compact as this year; However, the organizer wants to take the claim and character of the King test SS 1/4 Jägersberg from this year’s rally to the new tests. In all likelihood, the “Rallye 70” format will be preserved with a maximum of 70 kilometers of the special stage.

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