Alien scars: Girlfriend Elon Musk shows off agonizing artwork on the skin

Ouch! Singer Grimes seems to share her friend Elon Musk’s passion for aliens: She has strange scars on her skin.

Los Angeles (USA) – Ouch! Singer Grimes (33) seems to share his boyfriend’s passion Elon Musk (49) As for aliens, because they now have “strange scars” on their skin.

That must have hurt: Grimes (33) now has a “white ink” tattoo on his back. ©

He who wants to be beautiful must suffer. This saying is especially true of the new work of art on the back of the Canadian artist – although one can argue about how “beautiful” these scars are.

Because the 33-year-old had a so-called “white ink” tattoo made on the back of her entire upper body – a white tattoo.

Currently, you can mainly see red scars from her shoulders, all across her back over her buttocks. The pattern looks fuzzy, but it’s at least mirror-symmetric and has been painstakingly calculated using a computer program.

“I don’t have a good picture of it because it still hurts me so much and I have to go to bed first,” the singer wrote in her latest Instagram post. “It will turn red for a few more weeks, but then there will be beautiful scars from the aliens.”

Your fans seem to be excited about the action: in 15 hours, pictures of tattoos on Grimes Insta have collected nearly 270,000 likes.

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