Aldi: Are these popular products going off the shelves soon?

Aldi: The rescue from the manufacturer failed – will these popular products soon disappear from the shelves?

This is why Aldi has an equator

This is why Aldi has an equator

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determination Aldi It tries to offer its customers the widest possible range of products. Now customers can search in vain for certain products on the shelves.

The reason for this is the bankruptcy of the company responsible for Aldi Participate in the production of some products.

Aldi: Manufacturer’s Rescue Failed

It was actually assumed that the restructuring of the Thurn detergent plant would be successful. But bad news now followed: the renewal failed. Early next week, detergent maker Thurn will start production.


This is Aldi:

  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are two separate groups of companies in Essen and Mülheim
  • Aldi stands for Albrecht-Discount: In 1913, Karl Albrecht started his own retail bread shop in Essen
  • In 1962, the family business was transformed into a pure discount company and given the current name “Aldi”.
  • Divided into North and South in 1961
  • Aldi is now one of the top ten retail groups in the world
  • In the prospectus you will find announcements of the latest offers
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The investor was already ready, but there was no agreement between him and the affected municipalities. The company said, according tofood newspaperWith. Despite “a ready-to-sign agreement with a well-known international investor”, the acquisition failed and thus the preservation of the Thurn Germany Group failed at the last minute.

Aldi: Are these popular products going off the shelves soon?

This affects production at the Thurn sites in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid and in Kerkrade in the Netherlands. Additionally, the location in Genthin is also on edge. 150 employees threatened with dismissal.


More Aldi news:

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Site closures can also become a problem for Aldi. The Aldi Tandil (detergent) and Alio (dishwasher detergent) brands are produced by Thurn, among others. A spokesperson said: “We can assure you that we source materials from the cleaning area and detergents and dishwashing detergents from selected producers.” RTL. However, it is hoped that the multi-vendor strategy will be able to deal with delivery failures.

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In the case of detergent tabs, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd can still have delivery problems. It remains to be seen whether the customer will notice this in discount branches. (GB)


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