“The next opponent is always tough.” Sepp Herberger, the national coach of the World Championship team since 1954, cited several of his successors with this sentence. For example, there was “only one compulsory task” before the big option.

This public acceptance now comes with SpVgg Greuther Fürth promoting Friday in the upcoming game with FC Bayern coach Julian Knucklesman (8.30pm on the radio live report) After all, he recently defeated second-promoted VfL Bochum with FCB. Press conferences before games like this become empty clichs.

How is the big FC Bayern Munich now in the small Ford? Is the next enemy tough? Yes and no, it is to be held half an hour after the press conference with Knucklesman. On the one hand, the 34-year-old said: “It’s clear that we are the favorites. It’s clear that we want to win the game. It’s clear that we want to be the leader.” Bavarian broad chest.

Leadle: “The biggest challenge in German football”

On the other hand: “We are preparing for what could be a game like this against Pocha. I do not mean the end, but the way.” Meaning: First, the Bronx can irritate Bavaria with long balls like pooch in difficult Munich minutes.

Stephen Leadle did not want to agree to the starting position after Knucklesman’s comments at the Fort press conference that began immediately. For him, the next opponent is definitely the toughest: “This is definitely the biggest challenge in German football” SpVgg coach about to date with record champions. 11,730 visitors will set the mood for the clover leaf at the sold-out Ronhope. Leadle, however, expects the lead player to “take charge from the first second.”

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Knucklesman already agrees with him: “The omens of the two clubs are completely different.” To make it clear: Sport Park Ronhoff’s last and only Bundesliga match ended nine-0 at Bayern Munich nine years ago.


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