After a complete failure: trains in the Netherlands are back on the road - news abroad

After a complete train shutdown in the Netherlands, the trains are now back in operation again!

The trains with our neighbors stopped completely for the whole day. This was reported by a Dutch media site “we” .

There have been reports of passengers sitting on a stationary train from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Lelystad and Voorhout, among others.

According to the railway company “Nederlandse Spoorwegen” (which can be compared to the Deutsche Bahn), the problem lies in the communication between the traffic department and the train drivers. The spokesman said that the movement of the trains had been stopped “for safety reasons” because this was an interruption.

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A railway spokesman said trains at the next station were stopped in a controlled manner. He confirmed that all “Nederlandse Spoorwegen” trains had been stopped.

Meanwhile, the trains are rolling again, as the Dutch railways announced on Twitter:

“After a phone failure this morning, trains are currently running on all routes. We are assuming that all travelers will return home and that we will be able to resume normal train traffic tomorrow.”

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