Over the past few weeks, Stephanie Heinsman has been singled out for her open and loving way of “singing my song”. The 32-year-old is open about his hairstyle. It gave her money.

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As Stephanie Haynesman His career began in 2008, when he still stood on stage with long and dark hair, and over time his mane became shorter and shorter. Heinzmann has been wearing a basket for a good year and a half now. As she said “Built”, with determination.

“Sometimes I get dissatisfied”

The musician had long planned to wear short hair: “When I was 17, I wanted to be bald,” she said. But it took more than ten years to go that far. Heinzmann is pleased with the move and explains why. “Especially women we define ourselves so much by our hair. Women with long hair are feminine, not women with short hair.” The view that Heinzmann goes against the grain. “At one point I was tired of it,” he stressed in an interview with “Built”.

December 2008: Stephanie Heinsman at the beginning of her career.  (Source: Patrick Stollers / Getty Images)December 2008: Stephanie Heinsman at the beginning of her career. (Source: Patrick Stollers / Getty Images)

Heinzman felt it was right to shave his hair. “Because I have short hair, I look incredibly feminine,” the singer said. Haynesman said your parents were a little shocked at first, but it soon subsided. It seemed different with the fans then. They were immediately excited when the former ESC participant shared the first photo with her new haircut at the end of December 2019, with which she wanted to encourage her followers to “do things that make you happy and feel right”.

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“Very special. Just wow” someone wrote about the photo at the time. Also read: “Your short hairstyle is beautiful to you. You have the perfect head shape and a transparent face that goes right with the new hairstyle.” Another person said: “You’re radiating femininity, don’t define yourself as a …., hair, d …..” – “brave and very cool”, a follower commented.

It is clear that Heinzmann feels right at home with her basket: today she still wears the hairstyle, it should be a sign. Tonight, Stephanie Haynesman is “sing my song”.


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