“Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag”: Review of Knowledge Magazine on TV and Online

“Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag”: Review of Knowledge Magazine on TV and Online

On Sunday (March 6, 2022) there was “Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag” on TV. You can read the knowledge magazine “Future Home Trends: Top 5 (1)” here on news.de on “Classic” TV only or online or online at the Media Library. .

Sunday Adventure Life at Cable Eins
Image: Cable ens, sent by FUNKE program magazines

“Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag” was on TV at 10:10 pm on Sunday (March 6, 2022). You have shipping Cable1 Are you sure you want to check out “Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag” despite missing “Future Careers: Top 5 (1)”? Check out the Cable 1 Media Library. There you will find plenty of TV reports after the video has been aired online as a requirement for streaming. As a rule, you will see the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, Cable 1 will not be featured on Linear TV in the future.

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“Adventure Life” on TV: “Future Life Trends: Top 5 (1)”

How will we live in the future? “Abenteuer Leben” tests five alternative living ideas that already exist today: but do you like ideas like a hinged house or an earth house? And: The World’s Biggest Secrets / Test Maniacs Medical Men! Which fitness gadgets are the best and which are just junk? / Repair instead of buying a new one – it’s so easy! (Source: Cable 1, sent by FUNKE program magazines)

“Abenteuer Leben am Sonntag” on TV: All information at a glance

Title: Future Careers: Top 5 (1)

At: Cable1

Year of manufacture: 2022

Long: 120 minutes

In HD: Yes

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