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Britain accused Russia of wanting to install a pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine. There are extensive intelligence contacts with former Ukrainian politicians. Moscow denied the accusations, calling them “disinformation”.

The British government accused Russia of wanting to install a pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine. According to a statement issued by the ministry late Sunday night, Russian intelligence officials are already in contact with former Ukrainian politicians who may take charge while the Russian leadership “considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine.” However, the ministry refused to provide evidence to support the allegations.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Russia against going ahead with such plans, writing on Twitter: “We will not tolerate the Kremlin’s plot to install a pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine.”

A possible candidate on the Russian sanctions list

The British Foreign Office has named several people who might take power in the event of a Russian invasion of Kiev, including former Ukrainian MP Yevgeny Murrayev. However, he himself is on the Russian sanctions list since 2018.

In an initial statement to the Observer, Murrayev said the British Foreign Office appeared confused. “This is not very logical. I am banned from entering Russia. Not only that, my father’s company money has been confiscated.”

Moscow: London spreads “disinformation”

The Russian Foreign Ministry rejected the British accusation, describing it as targeted disinformation. The ministry said on Twitter that the “disinformation” published by the British Foreign Office was “another sign that NATO members led by Anglo-Saxon countries are escalating tensions over Ukraine”. “We call on the State Department to stop the spread of nonsense,” she said.

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Washington concerned

News came from London with concern in the United States. “This kind of conspiracy is deeply disturbing,” the White House said. “The Ukrainian people have the sovereign right to determine their own future.”

A week ago, the United States claimed that agents of Russia were planning a special operation in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin refused and demanded proof.


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