Home science Magnesium is essential in the fight against cancer

Magnesium is essential in the fight against cancer

Magnesium is essential in the fight against cancer

Magnesium is important to our immune system and, according to researchers at the University of Basel, can help fight cancerous tumors.

The basics in brief

  • Magnesium is said to play an essential role in fighting cancer.
  • According to a study, the element supports the functions of T cells.
  • T cells fight cancer cells.

New hope in cancer research. Researchers from the University of Basel and their university hospital Occupation of magnesium in the fight against cancer.

It turns out that the element is very important for our immune system. It supports T cells which in turn cancer cells fights.

“If magnesium is present in sufficient quantities near the T cells, it binds to LFA-1. It ensures that the protein in open position It remains and can therefore be active. “This is what Professor Christoph Hess, head of the research team, said.Messages Scientific information service.

Published in the specialized magazine “Cell”. study Shown: Researchers are now looking for a way to increase magnesium in tumors. It has not been clarified whether regular intake has an effect on cancer risk.

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