The San Francisco 49ers beat the Packers thanks to special teams

Munich – The qualifier madness continues!

The San Francisco 49ers present the next big surprise and the Green Bay Packers are eliminated from the playoffs. In an exciting game, kicker Ruby Gold made the touchdown at 13:10 in the last seconds. This ends the journey of superstar Aaron Rodgers & Company, who started this playoff as a big favorite in the Super Bowl.

49ers in Packers: special teams decide the game

Although the two belts dominated the game for long periods, they weren’t able to break apart decisively. A field goal was obstructed shortly before the end of the first half by 49 players. After that, Rodgers continued to fight for the continuation of the high-profile offense.

With less than five minutes remaining, it was the teams of 49 players that made the difference again. Talanoa Huvanga performed a blocked punt attempt in the Packers end zone, tying up. The belt attack had no answer and had to return the ball.

There are 49 players around quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who showed their nerve and went the distance for a field goal. There Gold kept his cool and caused the red and white storm chant on the sidelines. The second seed, The Packers, was also eliminated after the Tennessee Titans lost to the Cincinnati Bengals.

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