Home Top News 0: 1: Third Division Victoria loses more than Berlin in Duisburg

0: 1: Third Division Victoria loses more than Berlin in Duisburg

0: 1: Third Division Victoria loses more than Berlin in Duisburg

Third Section | 0-1 defeat

Victoria loses more than the number in Berlin Duisburg

Duisburg's Rolf Feltzer and Victoria's Dezi Beirut in a fight (Source: IMAGO / Eibner)
Image: Image / Ipner

This is not a good day for Victoria Berlin: in Duisburg, just below the table, the team struggled for a long game. In the second half, the Berliners trailed and then lost the count.

Third division football team Victoria Berlin lost in a match at MSV Duisburg. In the previous table final, the Berliners conceded 0: 1 (0: 0) on Saturday. Patrick Kapp red, Christoph Menz, already saw the yellow-red cover instead. Goalkeeper Julian Crawl receives a penalty kick.

Rough game flow

The Berliners had an unusually tough time against the Duisburg team. They gave the ball over again, but after a while they grabbed the ball again and began to intervene again to counter it. In the seventh minute it worked for MSV for almost the first time. Marlon Frey moved toward the goal with almost no obstacle, but only hit the left side post.

Except for the switchover conditions, the MSV was then largely harmless. The standards were not accurate enough and were intercepted by Berliners. Victoria had their first good chance in the 16th minute. Sofian Benjamin deflected the ball over Lucas Falcao just before the goal. But his head was smashed by Duisburg goalkeeper Leo Weinkoff.

Shortly before the break, Duisburg had a great chance to score. Despite Berlin defender Patrick Cup lying on the ground, referee Bogop allowed the game to continue. Colja Bush took advantage of the majority, positioning himself in the middle of the goal, Moritz played on the left at Staplecomb and he ran, but the ball went directly into the hands of goalkeeper Julian Krill.

Conceded goal, dismissal, penalties

The Duisburg team won the rankings in the 52nd minute. After a brief corner inside the penalty area, Aziz Bouhathoos equalized with a header 1-0. Krahl and Berlin Defense did not communicate properly with each other, which left enough space for the Duisburg-based man.

After a while, the Cup tried to block another attack by the Duisburg player, and as his leg stretched too high he could only go to the Bouhaddos ground (55th minute). Referee Franz Bogob had already distributed various yellow cards in the first half. As a result, Cup received a red card for his actions. Berlin captain Christophe Mens, who had just been transferred, held discussions from the bank and received a yellow-red card, having already been warned.

Victoria, who was in high numbers, stayed in her own half and was repeatedly attacked by the Duisburgs. Yannis Becker tried to grab Bouhaddouz’s jersey and MSV was awarded a penalty. However, Staplecamp’s shot in the lower right corner was confidently deflected by Crawl. Even after that, the guests were surrounded and had no real chance of equalizing.

The next match for Benedetto Musikado’s team will take place on November 14 (1pm) at the Berlin Cup. In the 16th round, Victoria meets Indracht Mahlstorb of Berlin.

Broadcast: rbb UM6, November 6, 2021, 6 p.m.

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