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▷ #Klarahawtna: Insight into life with neurodermatitis

19.09.2021 – 11:00

Sanofi Genzyme

#ClaraHautnah: Insight into life with neurodermatitis

Frankfurt/Berlin (OTS)

What does everyday life with neurodermatitis look like? 23-year-old Clara will be reporting on this on her Instagram channel from September 20th Neurodermatitis is the most common chronic inflammatory skin disease[1] However, knowledge of this in the community is limited. The two-week “seizure” by Clara, who has been affected since childhood, creates awareness and understanding for those affected. The aim is to provide up-to-date and real information about the disease and to show how to treat neurodermatitis.

Speaking on the topic of atopic dermatitis, Clara said, “Atopic dermatitis is seen by many outsiders as just a rash, but it’s actually much more than that.” After all, more than 3.6 million people in Germany suffer from neurodermatitis.[2] However, there are still many gaps in our knowledge of the metastatic disease.[3] It is important to pay more attention to the topic and explain what it means to people with neurodermatitis every day. Because there is often a lack of understanding of the burdens and challenges that disease brings with it. The Instagram channel provides information on topics related to the disease, gives advice and gives those affected a voice. With a two-week ‘possession’, Clara allows for a more focused look behind the scenes.

A Journey into Everyday Life with Neurodermatitis

Interested and affected people can look forward to a variety show on the Instagram channel from September 20 to October 3 with #ClaraHautnah. In addition to interesting facts about the disease, Clara shows how she masters hobbies, sports, nutrition and much more with her illness. Clara goes above and beyond and uses the Instagram TV (IGTV) format to share ideas with many of the people interviewed on the topic of neurodermatitis. Among other things, she speaks to a board member of the patient organization Netzwerk Autoimmunerkrankter (NIK) eV, an influential family figure, dermatologist and member of the Bundestag. Clara is also trying out the telemedicine platform for the first time.

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The open approach to neurodermatitis is primarily intended to encourage and encourage people with the disease to actively exchange ideas and support each other. Clara aims to motivate sufferers to question and stick to things and get support from a dermatologist.

Neurodermatitis – a lifelong companion?

Sufferers usually know that atopic dermatitis is more than just a skin disease. Almost everyone has seen the usual skin symptoms before, but atopic dermatitis is a systemic disease and can affect the entire organism.[4] Those affected experience reddening of the skin, eczema in the form of inflamed and sometimes bleeding areas of the skin, thickening of the skin, tiny tears in the skin, eg in the earlobes or fingers, dry skin and severe itching.[5-6] Neurodermatitis is a chronic non-contagious disease. It usually occurs in batches, the duration and intensity of which can be completely different.[5] Because the disease is treatable but not curable, sufferers of it benefit from an open approach to treating neurodermatitis.

Learn how to deal with eczema

The better you know the disease, the easier it is to deal with it. Next to the Instagram channel So those interested and affected can look forward to it Report on neurodermatitis. The site provides general information about the disease, an interactive educational platform, and advice from doctors. Also the blog of the same name Provides original insights to the world of bloggers with neurodermatitis.

do not miss!

Clara’s posts will be available from September 20 on Instagram under #ClaraHautnah and on our channel

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