YouTube star Dagi Bee is pregnant for the first time

She is one of Germany’s most successful influencers, and now Dagi Bee has brought great news to millions of fans: she is expecting offspring for the first time.

Photo series with 19 photos

She was one of the first to become famous in Germany through social media. On October 6, 2012, Dagmar Kazakov posted her first video as Dagi Bee on her YouTube channel – and she became a star. Almost four million people are now following her on the platform. She even has 6.3 million followers on Instagram.

“New life”

Via a YouTube video, the 26-year-old announced good news to her fans: she is pregnant for the first time. At lunchtime on Sunday, Daji Bee uploaded a five-minute clip to her page titled “New Life.”

First, the influencer and her husband Eugene look back at their years together, showing off private recordings and even news stories. Dagi Bee can then be seen with a baby bump, in the next scene crying and holding a positive pregnancy test in her hands.

“We are very happy”

Then there are the many videos and photos from the past few weeks, which she repeatedly does developing her growing core. At the end of the clip you can even hear the baby’s heartbeat and the words “little miracle” fade away.

“We are very happy,” Dagi Bee wrote on her behalf and on behalf of Eugen for the video. So are the fans. Within the first hour, the post had been clicked nearly 300,000 times, and over 36,000 fans had clicked “Like”. Congratulations come thick and fast in more than 3000 comments.

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For the couple, this is their first offspring together. Daji and Eugene have been together since 2015, they met during a video shoot in Marrakech. In June 2018 they said yes in Ibiza.


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