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“This medal belongs to the whole of Germany”

Alexander Sverev won the historic Olympic gold

Alexander Sverrev is an Olympic champion. The 24-year-old from Hamburg won the final 6: 3, 6: 1 against Karen Chasano and celebrated the biggest win of her career. It was the first Olympic gold for a German tennis expert since Steffi Graf in 1988.

Alexander Sverrev did just that: he was the first German man to win individual gold in tennis at the Olympics. And then it gets emotional. Sverev says he hasn’t played a second for himself.

ALexander Sverrev Olympic champion. As the first German tennis player in the men’s singles, the 24-year-old won gold by performing Tokyo’s little miracle with determination and attention on Sunday. Hamburger surprisingly withstood the pressure against Russian Karen Kachanov and won 6: 3, 6: 1. With the greatest success of his career, Sverre destroyed himself in German tennis history.

I have never felt like this in my life after playing at Eurosport, “Sverev said:” This medal belongs to the whole of Germany. I played. Everyone, my family, my parents, my daughter, everyone who shared the excitement at home. That’s why I played the way I played. It’s an incredible feeling for me. “

33 years after the victory of sports legend Steffi Groff, the German Tennis Association has once again won an individual gold. Sverev seized the opportunity from a distance after a semi-final victory over Serbia’s leading star Novak Djokovic.

At 5:17 pm local time, the first rally began with a piece of German tennis history. Again on a very hot Tokyo day the Central Court was now in the shadows, and Sverev began as expected. When Kachanov scored for the second time, the German number one managed to break the ball. He turned it into a smash ball and delivered it early.

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The fifth in the world rankings played consistently bold and powerful. Initially he did not let himself be disturbed by the calls of the Olympic struggles echoing in the arena from the outside. The service, occasionally weak, has always lost potential successes over the past few years. But even on this very important day he stayed in Japan, the service helped him as much as the previous matches – but the tricky situations were rarely by his own service.

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Tokyo 2020 - Tennis

With a megaphone in front of the stage

At 5: 3, Sverev decided in time for the challenge. Video evidence showed that Kachano’s ball hit the fort as close as possible. To the delight of the German delegation, including DOSB President Alphonse Hermann, a deceptive volley from rival Sverre received the first set.

Then Sverev Becker shows the fist

“You’ll definitely win silver, now bring gold home to Germany!”, German tennis legend Boris Becker told the finalist in a Eurosport congratulatory message. Becker wanted something Sverev could not do for himself: in 1992 he won Olympic gold in the doubles with Michael Stitch.

Tennis - Men's Singles - Gold Medal

After the match point, Sverev happily knelt down

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Sverev continued emotionally. In the second set the right-handed player with a height of 1.98 meters screamed out of tension as he came back from a 1-0 draw with grief. After a quick break, Sverev showed his fist – as if he wanted to make sure he didn’t miss this opportunity. “I think he’s enjoying it now. If you do not enjoy tennis now, you will never enjoy it,” said Micha Sverrev, Alexander Sverev’s older brother and manager at Eurosport.

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Unlike the frantic win against Djokovic, Sverev was the favorite this time around. The 25-year-old Kachanov is ranked 25th in the world, so he is 20 places lower than Sverre. Sverev, who played better and more free, even 4-0, took the service from his opponent. 1:19 hours later he changed his first match ball.

Tommy Haas won silver 21 years ago

At last year’s US Open final, Sverev, despite having a clear lead at the start, could not withstand the pressure against the Austrian Dominic theme despite being two points away from the Grand Slam dream. In this match with only two winning sets, he no longer gave his opponent a chance this time.

It has been 21 years since Tommy Haas became the last German to bring home silver in the men’s singles. Angelique Gerber was decorated with a silver medal from Rio de Janeiro five years ago. For Brazil, Sverev canceled for health reasons. Now he enjoyed the Olympic atmosphere – and he was crowned with gold.

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