You must eat this cheese for breakfast to lose weight

You must eat this cheese for breakfast to lose weight

Many who care about their diet reach for porridge or yogurt with fruit and oatmeal in the morning. For everyone who prefers a bagel in the morning or would like a little more variety at breakfast, we now have good news: Too Cheese can help you lose weight. You can read in this article which cheese we are talking about.

This cheese is good for losing weight

Belly fat in particular is something that most people should avoid, as it makes them uncomfortable. In addition, excessive belly fat can quickly become dangerous as it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and, consequently, heart attack. Strokes or diabetes can also be negative consequences. However, with the right foods, you can reduce belly fat. Especially protein-rich foods help reduce belly fat. So it is recommended cheeseAs it is rich in protein and low in calories at the same time.

Why are protein-rich foods important?

According to one study, protein boosts our metabolism, which in turn leads to faster reduction of belly fat. So it is important Consume about 1.5 kg of protein per kg of body weight. cheese helps in order to meet this need. However, for those who do not like cheese, there are alternatives such as legumes, eggs, and some meat and fish.

Cheese for weight loss: how to make cottage cheese

However, if you now think that you have to eat bread for breakfast because of this, you are wrong. Because you can do a lot with cottage cheese, if Just spread it on the bread. So he can, for example Mix with quark and fruit Or even in oatmeal mixed with cinnamon and honey, you don’t have to do without cottage cheese.


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