‘March for Life’: Opponents of abortion celebrate their victory

As of: 2020/01/2023 9:43 PM

In Washington, abortion opponents hold a “March for Life” every year. This year they celebrated the lifting of the ban on abortion across the country – but they still did not see their goal.

At the annual “March for Life” in Washington, opponents of abortion in the United States celebrated their victory before the Supreme Court. At the rally, she said the ruling in the summer put abortion rights “in the hands of the people.”

Despite the tens of thousands who attended the rally, polls show that a clear majority of American citizens believe that overturning the ruling is wrong. US President Joe Biden has announced that he will do everything he can to restore abortion rights across the country.

Protesters want to put pressure on Congress

Its first “March for Life” since Overturning the judgment in Roe v. hurry The participants tried to find a new focus. They turned their attention not to the Supreme Court, but to the building directly opposite it: the U.S. Capitol.

Movement leaders want to warn Congress against rolling back several abortion bans that have been imposed in a dozen US states in recent months.

Lynne Fitch, the Mississippi attorney general, whose office was handling the case that brought Roe v. Wade is directed to the public according to the previously distributed manuscript.

In his sermon during the opening service Thursday night, Bishop Michael Burbidge had previously seen the end of the judge’s decades-old decision as cause for celebration. This “ugly” no longer exists in the US legal system, according to the Bishop of Arlington.

McCarthy pledges support for anti-abortion advocates

In a statement, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy offered his support for the protesters and asserted that the new Republican majority is pro-abortion.

The event commemorates the millions of lives lost due to abortion over the past 50 years, said Jane Mancini, president of the Mars Fund for Life Education and Advocacy. But we also want to celebrate how far we’ve come and what the movement needs to focus on going forward.

Proposed ban after 13 weeks of gestation

Some activists hope that Congress will lay the groundwork for a nationwide ban on abortion. Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of SBA Pro-Life America, said she could imagine a statewide rule banning abortions after 13 weeks of gestation in all US states.

The Dannenfelser scenario still allows for individual states to take more stringent measures, up to and including outright bans. “We know it won’t happen again in this legislative period, but this is a start,” Dannenfelser said. “It is (Congress’s) responsibility to listen to the will of the people,” he added.

However, according to a July poll by the Associated Press and NORC Centers for Public Affairs Research, 53 percent of American adults opposed the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe’s ruling. Only 30 percent were in favor.


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