US Republican Congressman George Santos (34) is not usually a huge supporter of the LGBTIQ movement, and has even supported anti-gay laws in the past. And this despite the fact that the congressman himself is gay!

Now there is the next revelation about the lying politician, who recently became known because he lied a lot about his biography: the American representative is said to have participated in Brazilian beauty contests as a drag queen 15 years ago.

This was explained to Reuters by two acquaintances of Santos on Wednesday.

Journalist Marisa Capas shared a photo from 2008 that should show Santos (right in red) as a drag queen. Stage name: Kitara Ravashi.

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To the left of Santos in the photo is 58-year-old Brazilian drag queen Eola Rorard. She said she befriended the incumbent congressman when he performed as a transvestite at the first “gay pride parade” in Niteroi, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, in 2005. Three years later, Santos entered a drag pageant in Rio, according to Rorard.

Another person from Niteroi, who knew the 34-year-old congressman but asked not to be named, said he competed in drag pageants and aspired to be Miss Guy Rio de Janeiro.

Republican US Congressman George Santos (34) as the drag queen, Stage Name: Kitara Ravashi

photo: eularochard/Instagram

But how does that fit with the Republican congressman’s conservative views?

The congressman himself denied the reports, writing on Twitter Thursday that claims “that I am a drag queen or ‘act’ like a drag queen” are “categorically false,” adding, “I will not be distracted or swayed by this.” Leaves.”

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Santos is the first openly gay Republican to win a congressional seat as a non-incumbent. However, he has positioned himself as a staunch conservative on many social issues.

︎ For example, he endorsed Florida’s controversial “Don’t Call Gay” law, which bans discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in class.

Republicans have increasingly criticized drag shows and entertainers for allegedly harming children.

Fake Santo CV

The beleaguered freshman congressman has also been urged to resign by fellow New York Republicans for lying about his career and history.

For example, Santos claimed that he was a “savvy Wall Street investor.” The alleged employers denied this. The New York Times was unable to verify his undergraduate degree from Baruch College in a survey.

Santos also lied about his family history and alleged Jewish background. During the campaign he described himself as a “proud American Jew”. In early January, the politician admitted that he had misrepresented his faith.

George Santos has also repeatedly claimed that his mother, Fatima Devolder, worked in an office in the South Tower of the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Now, official immigration documents obtained by The New York Times contradict that claim.

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