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XXL split: Eminem’s daughter Hailey poses online

Hayley Scott (25 years old) is dropping the covers again! Eminem’s 48-year-old daughter must be a real eye-catcher for almost everyone by now. American Americans inspire more than two million followers almost every day and like to be more straightforward: sexy photos are, of course, part of it. In her latest snapshot, Hailie presents her body once again – and in a super hot outfit!

on them InstagramAccount, the 25-year-old shares a photo of herself proving her summer fashion sense: she wears a blue bra with a matching hoodie and wraps around the look with crocheted white pants and a fleece jacket. However, Hailie also allows for a particularly deep look! “Why does it seem like I’m about to share the latest gossip?” Kidding under the record, as if it wasn’t about her split at all. Anyway, she seems totally passionate about her community: so far, the post has been liked nearly 200,000 times.

In the past few months, it’s often become clear that the brunette is aiming for a job as an influencer: At the beginning of February, she posted her first video on IGTV showing off her makeup routine. I wrote below: “I think YouTube is next door.” The 25-year-old regularly shares clips showing off her makeup or her latest accomplishments while shopping.

Hailey Jade, daughter of Eminem
Hailey Jade, Influencers
Hayley Jade in March 2021
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