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TheLyme disease is caused by the bite of a tick infected with bacteria. Usually, it manifests itself in redness at the site of the bite.

Val-Saint-François has been added to the RLS in Haute-Yamaska ​​and Pommeraie and sources for sectors most at risk of developing Lyme disease. All of these areas have been identified where post-exposure tick bite prevention is recommended. This treatment is a dose of antibiotics. Post-exposure prophylaxis may be prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist. “The first thing to do when you are bitten by a tick is to call 811. People at 811 can tell if a person qualifies for prophylaxis,” explains CIUSSS de l’ Estrie-CHUS’s Department of Public Health medical officer, Geneviève Baron, Adding that several criteria must be met in order to administer preventive treatment.

“If the tick is suspended for less than 24 hours, there is almost no risk of transmission,” she adds.

It also states that certain elements must be considered, when monitoring for ticks and human cases, to identify the area at risk.

“Once the infection spreads in an area beyond 20% of the harvested ticks, it qualifies for prevention. You have to have people who have had Lyme disease in those places, and then you have to have a certain number of them over a period of time.”

Dr. Barron also states that the time between tick removal and a consultation with a health professional should not exceed three days. Moreover, the disease can progress and the person may need treatment later. ”

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