99% des résidents d'Ehpad en Occitanie sont vaccinés selon l'ARS.

They are rare now, but then it is surprising that the authorities are happy to vaccinate all or all of the residents of nursing homes. Both positive cases and acute forms of the disease exist, despite vaccination. And there are still rare cases of Covid-19 deaths in elderly care institutions.

The vaccine does not prevent contamination and contamination

Near Toulouse this week, in a nursing home in Palma, Mary Lyman’s residence, 26 out of 77 residents tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and one died ARS confirms. However, the vaccination campaign there started in February, with 92% of the population vaccinated, and 84% if we count only those who received the two doses. Consequently, the vaccination coverage is not complete.

Other groups have recently been registered with institutions like Prayssac on Lot with 36 injuries and three deaths For vaccination coverage of approximately 90% reports Dispatch.

Severe forms of disease in nursing homes and deaths from Covid-19 are now very few compared to previous waves.

When asked about these recent cases, ARS Occitanie was unable to give the most recent numbers for deaths in nursing homes. But its director, Pierre Ricordeau, reduces these rare cases. “ExceptionsHe states that Vaccination prevents severe forms of the disease, But not 100%, and it does not prevent pollution and contamination. “Some residents were recently vaccinated and staff were not necessarily immunized“, He adds.

Latest vaccination numbers for Occitanie

In Occitanie, out of 880 nursing homes and long-term care units, 99% of the population has been vaccinated, ARS confirms. But this number takes into account only the first dose. In addition, in our area 78% are over the age of 75 And 27% of the adult population got a first injection.

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In the region, we reached the number of 258,000 people who were vaccinated in the week of April 12, or 30% over the previous week. We must approach 320,000 doses were delivered weekly at the end of May. 75% of the injections are with the vaccine PfizerWhile AstraZeneca is used in 19% of cases.

The Vaccination centers More than half of the operations are now advanced, far ahead of medical offices and pharmacies (18%).


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