Home Top News Active and temporary: This is how Werder Bremen wants to avoid a negative record against Mainz 05

Active and temporary: This is how Werder Bremen wants to avoid a negative record against Mainz 05

Active and temporary: This is how Werder Bremen wants to avoid a negative record against Mainz 05

The wound has not yet fully healed. The heroes of Werder Bremen remember the damaging effect of what was probably the worst home appearance in recent years. December 17, 2019 penultimate round of the first round. Floodlight at Weser Stadium. 0: 5 against Mainz 05 was recorded in the records as a sign of Bremen’s retreat. After Green-Whites also spoiled the 1: 3 return leg in Mainz, the much-cited “Miracle of Weser” had to help out on the last day of the match (and support Union Berlin) to ultimately save themselves in a relegation.


For a long time, it looked as though Werder would avoid earthquakes this season. But five-game losing streak increased fears – this Wednesday again against Mainz. Coach Florian Kohfeldt doesn’t want to allow more excuses before the relegation duel. “With victory we can take a big step, and defeat becomes severe.” Kohfeld doesn’t think it’s a bad thing about so much and is looking forward to a “great game”. Six consecutive bankruptcies will be a negative new record.

In addition to the sporting needs, there are economic pressures. Corona’s losses will increase to 40 million euros. The association plans to generate about 20 million capital soon through the bonds of a medium-sized company. First of all, there is an increase in the score count, with Kohfeldt citing “good table condition” as a bargaining chip. But is this really it? 24 days after the match, they were 12 points ahead of Mainz, and now there are still two, and the 05er team is ahead in the catch-up match against Hertha Berlin.

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The resurrection under coach Bo Svenson, who was installed at the start of the year, is remarkable. The Dane led his team, unbeaten in five matches, to fifth place in the second half of the season. The change in mentality among the former professional Svenson is stark. Such hesitant appearances as in the 0-1 home defeat to Werder shortly before Christmas under his predecessor Jan Moritz driving his yacht are a thing of the past. Even after the remnants, the Rheinhessen people often come back stronger. And unlike the strange, often passive Kohfeldt squad, Svensson’s squad is always active and upsetting opponents early on. The people of Mainz have turned into tireless tormentors.

Kohfeldt knows all this and demands “a high level of personal activity, there will be a lot of tension on the field”. He’s also considering Philip Bargefried because Omar Toprak (injured) and Christian Gross (suspended) are missing – otherwise there won’t be anyone. The 32-year-old has not played in the German Bundesliga for nine months and was knocked out last season. In the fall, club-free Bargfrede joined Werders U23 – now he’s back with the pros on a temporary basis.

Kohfeldt sees him as a stabilizer who “knows such situations”. The coach does not doubt the happy ending: “We will remain stable in the league. I am convinced of this.” Then something has to come out of the first leg against Mainz, because right on the ground, European Cup contenders only Borussia Moenchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen came to Weser.

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