When the clock changes to winter time

When the clock changes to winter time
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At night from October 29 to October 30 there will be a second time change in 2022 in Germany, why did the clock actually change to winter time?

Berlin – When autumn officially begins in Germany, the time that changes from summer to winter in Germany is not too far away either. after the first Change 2022 time from winter to daylight saving time on March 27, 2022 The game now follows the same: the clock changed at the end of October 2022. Of course, there is also a big difference. And also many countries that are very skeptical about the sense of time change in 2022 and have already partially responded by rejecting it.

Everything you need to know about time changes sequentially.

Time change in Germany in October 2022: when will the clock change exactly?

So when will the time or clock be changed to winter time in October 2022? For winter time, the same rule applies to the time change in 2022 as it is applied every year in Germany: it always occurs on the last Sunday of the tenth calendar month, i.e. in October. This year, on Sunday, October 30, 2022, the clock will change from summer to winter time.

The time changes twice a year.  However, in the EU the time change should be canceled - the only question is when.
When exactly will the clock change to winter time in 2022 at the end of October? © IMAGO / Michael Bihlmayer

At night from Saturday 29 October 2022 to Sunday 30 October 2022, the clock will run as part of the 2022 time change. In Germany, the clock rolls back from 3:00 AM to 2:00 AM when the time changes.

Winter time change: Will the clocks turn forward or backward in Germany in October 2022?

Even if the procedure is the same every year, some people will again ask the almost mandatory question of whether to turn the clock in Germany forward or backward during the time change in 2022. Various tips and mnemonics can certainly help memorize this principle. Here are some examples that can help change DST for 2022:

  • I fountain As is known, garden furniture is waiting for pleasant temperatures advanced. Accordingly, the hour as part of Display time change to daylight saving time. I Herbst Then the role is reversed, as is the case with furniture Reset the clock.
  • I Sumer The thermometer usually shows Plus-Grade an, im winter on the other side minus-Class.
  • In general, the clock is always set in the direction of summer: Im fountain distance BeforeIn the fall return.
  • Moreover spring fatigue Useful as a memory: If the clock is thrown in the spring, you will lose 1 hour of sleep.
  • The rule of the year can also be considered as good advice: while looking at the year in fountain resident Before itself, mostly in Herbst previously return.
  • And the English axiom can also help: “jump forward, back”, i.e. “jump past BeforeI leave you Delayed“.

Switching between summer and winter time: is it possible to cancel the time change in Germany?

One thing is for sure: nothing will change with the 2022 timing shift to winter time, it’s almost set. In principle, models can be envisaged in which there is either the time of eternal summer, or the time of eternal winter. As early as March 2019, the EU Parliament voted to rescind the said time change from 2021. But that clearly did not happen.

When should the clock be changed in 2022?

At night from Saturday to Sunday, October 30, 2022, the clocks in Germany must change again. Strictly speaking, the clock is rolled back from 3:00 AM to 2:00 AM. This is the beginning of winter again. On the other hand, in March 2022, the clock was brought forward by one hour.

One Cancel time change Therefore, 2022 is not within the realm of possibility. There is no end in sight to the semi-annual time change at the European level and thus in Germany as well, where there is not enough majority among the 27 member states of the European Union (EU) to decide what time to apply in the future.

It would not be an option for neighboring countries to have a mixture of different time zones.

After the time change in October 2022: what would actually happen if it was cancelled?

Anyone who is also wondering what the feel of a time change in 2022 will be will be presented with two scenarios that would be true if this time change were reversed:

  • also “Eternal summer timeOn the shortest day of the year, the sun won’t rise in Germany until about 9:30 in the morning.
  • or “perpetual winter time“: The sun was setting a little after 8:30 pm. On the longest day in Germany of the year.

Time change in 2022 is still a problem in Germany – and in other countries?

As mentioned at the beginning, the time change in 2022 will affect Deutschland Both switch to summer and winter time. More than 140 countries have noise time and date Already observing daylight saving time, but about half of these countries have also canceled changing the time again. Countries that have taken this step include:

  • Egypt
  • Argentina
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • China
  • in case
  • Island
  • Japan
  • Namibia
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • turkey

How much time has changed in Germany?

The clocks have changed from vernacular winter to summer since 1980. There are two basic ideas behind the idea of ​​changing time, which has been around in Germany for 42 years now: on the one hand, energy should be saved, on the other hand, daylight should be better used in the context of it .

What energy effect does the time change have – or not?

In the context of the time change in 2022, many people in Germany will again ask themselves whether this measure will ever pay off. After all, with the switch to daylight saving time, the light stays on longer in the evening, which leads to the assumption that the electricity used effectively is less.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, this is a misconception and switching to daylight saving time does not consume less energy.

“Although the light actually turns on more often in the evening due to the change of time in the summer, in the spring and autumn there is also more heating in the morning hours. which cancel each other out. Therefore, changing the time does not save any energy in the Balance,” as stated in this context.

This was especially taken into account against the background of the 1973 oil crisis. In addition, a change of time was introduced in Germany in order to adapt to neighboring countries in which regulations were already introduced earlier.

Time shift 2022: Does time shift work automatically on mobile phones?

As a rule, the time change, even in 2022, works automatically with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. However, the prerequisite is to select the respective time zone and activate Set Automatically under Settings.

The 2022 time change is similar to Android smartphones. To ensure that the correct time is displayed, the “Automatic time zone” and “Automatic date/time” option must be activated in the “Date and time” settings.

What are the negative consequences of changing time?

The meaning of daylight saving time, as a result of the time change, is debated over and over again. Doctors have already proven that Changing the time can have negative effects on the body’s biorhythm. To some, this seems like some kind of small plane lag. A survey conducted by the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit showed that a quarter of those surveyed had health problems as a result of the change of time.

Most of them felt lethargic and tired due to the change of time. After all, two-thirds of those surveyed also complained of sleep problems and sleep disturbances. In addition, impaired ability to focus, irritability, and depressive moods are said to be among the negative consequences of the change of time.


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