Home Sports Whats next for Russell Wilson? Potential NFL team fits for 2024

Whats next for Russell Wilson? Potential NFL team fits for 2024

Whats next for Russell Wilson? Potential NFL team fits for 2024

Denver Broncos Benching Quarterback Russell Wilson for Final Two Games; Potential Suitors Emerge

In a surprising turn of events, multiple sources have confirmed that the Denver Broncos will bench star quarterback Russell Wilson for their final two games of the season. Instead, they will turn to Jarrett Stidham to lead the team. This decision has raised speculation about the future of Wilson with the Broncos.

It is reported that Wilson himself expects to be cut from the team in March, just two years after the Broncos made a significant trade to acquire him. Despite having a solid season under the guidance of head coach Sean Payton, throwing for 3,070 yards, 26 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions, Wilson’s contract has become a thorny issue for the Broncos.

The quarterback’s contract includes guaranteed money in 2024 and injury guarantees that will become fully guaranteed if he remains on the roster in March. This financial burden has put the Broncos in a difficult position, leading many to believe that parting ways with Wilson is inevitable.

If the Broncos do decide to cut ties with Wilson, there are already four potential teams that have shown interest in signing him. The Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, and Washington Commanders have all been named as potential suitors for the talented quarterback.

Members of the media from each of these teams have weighed in on the possibility of Wilson joining their respective rosters. The Raiders, currently in need of a new backup quarterback, could consider signing Wilson if he is released and open to accepting a more affordable contract.

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The Vikings, on the other hand, might view Wilson as a bridge quarterback if their current starter Kirk Cousins departs. However, the cost of acquiring Wilson may prove to be too high for a short-term solution.

The Patriots, fresh off the Mac Jones era, could be interested in Wilson as a quick-fix plan. Nevertheless, if they secure a top-two draft pick, they might prioritize a rookie quarterback instead.

Lastly, the Commanders might see Wilson as a viable option for a quick turnaround. Whether they pursue him will depend on the decisions made by the team’s new management and Wilson’s own desire to join the franchise.

Overall, the future of Russell Wilson in the NFL remains uncertain and is dependent on various factors, including his release from the Broncos, team needs, and personal preferences. As the season comes to a close, football enthusiasts will eagerly await news about Wilson’s future and the potential landing spot for this talented quarterback.


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