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Title: Francis Ngannou’s Remarkable Boxing Debut Leaves Experts Divided

Francis Ngannou’s debut in the world of boxing against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has captivated the combat sports community. Boxing analysts Lennox Lewis and Carl Frampton, alongside MMA veteran Dan Hardy, shared their views on Ngannou’s performance during a post-fight discussion on Bio Prep Watch.

The three experts held differing opinions, further intensifying the debate surrounding the closely contested boxing match. Frampton, giving the nod to Ngannou, said he believed the Cameroonian-born fighter emerged victorious and suggested that Fury may have overlooked him. Frampton’s remarks stemmed from Ngannou’s impressive showing throughout the bout.

In the third round of the highly anticipated clash, Ngannou delivered a powerful left hand that sent Fury sprawling to the canvas, catching the attention of fans worldwide. However, despite his dominating display, Ngannou only managed to receive a close 95-94 score on the judges’ cards. The victory ultimately went to Fury, who secured scores of 96-93 and 95-94.

Lennox Lewis, a renowned boxing figure, supported the judges’ decision, commending Fury’s ability to control the pace of the fight. Nonetheless, Lewis acknowledged Ngannou’s unexpected poise and patience, a remarkable feat for someone stepping into the boxing ring for the first time.

On the other hand, Dan Hardy voiced his disagreement, proclaiming that Ngannou delivered an incredible performance that should not be undermined. Hardy went on to anticipate that some members of the boxing community may attempt to discredit Ngannou’s accomplishments in order to protect the reputation of the sport.

Ngannou’s outstanding debut has undoubtedly sparked a flurry of discussions, with fans and pundits alike reflecting on the unpredictable nature of combat sports. As the controversy surrounding the verdict continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Ngannou’s foray into boxing will shape his career moving forward.

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In conclusion, Francis Ngannou’s boxing debut against Tyson Fury has left the combat sports world divided. While Frampton believed Ngannou won the fight and accused Fury of underestimating him, Lewis supported Fury’s victory, while recognizing Ngannou’s unexpected composure. Dan Hardy lauded Ngannou’s performance and anticipated possible attempts to discredit him within the boxing community. With these varying perspectives, the story surrounding Ngannou’s venture into boxing promises to captivate fans and fuel further conversation in the days to come.


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